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Thank you to the group!

I need to say "Thank You" to this group!  About this time last year one of you posted that you were on an anti inflamatory diet - which I had never heard of and knew nothing about.  Well after reading more than a few books  - 11 months later my joints and I feel a lot better and maybe even close to great! This is now my... Read moreChevron


AT, Editor

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FDA Orders Label Change for TNF-Alpha Blocker Drugs to Warn Bacterial Infection Risk

By Amy Tudor, Ph.D.
News Producer

Officials with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have announced that they are placing a boxed warning on the labels of all tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) inhibitors that will warn consumers of the risk of infection from Legionella and Listeria, two types of... Read moreChevron

54 years with RA

54 years with RA, Community Member


Fifty-Four Years in the Making, My RA onset story by Lyn Burnstine

I always say I got RA in 1956, when I was twenty-three, but reading some of the other stories on RA blogs of "early warning signs" years before full-fledged RA, I am more than ever convinced that the times when I had to cancel my piano lessons due to sore wrists were omens. At nineteen, I left the music conservatory at Millikin University... Read moreChevron


shelly74, Community Member


pain in one of my toes

hi, i have had my ra for 12 months now and im on hydroxychloroquine. i have just got over a flare and im feeling well a little better but still in pain as always. only recently i have had pain and discomfort in my 4th toe  after me looking at it i seem to have very little feeling in it and its become quite numb. im worried now as to what... Read moreChevron


Amber, Community Member


menstral flares


I am now more convinced than ever that my flares are ONLY produced by hormones. 14 days before I start my period, like clockwork my pain starts. it subsides for about two days in the middle of the 14 then flares back up until it starts.Once I start my pain is GONE.


Last month it was so bad. I couldn't walk... Read moreChevron