Self Acceptance

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    For those who are fighting schizophrenia:


    Christina Bruni in one of her comments made the observation that a part of our recovery is self acceptance.  She is wise beyond her years.  In support of what she said, I offfer this poem I wrote many years ago -


    WARD 7N


    In a white paper cup,

    On a green plastic tray,

    They bring capsules of hope

    That keep my demons at bay.


    They record all my crys,

    Measure all my tears,

    And think they understand

    My debilitating fears.


    They're an illusion I know,

    A reflection of my terror,

    For when I turn around,

    No one is there.


    This deception is my own,

    The only way I know

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    To live with the horror

    That permeates my soul.


    While I long for peace,

    These fears may persist,

    For all my pain is proof

    That I still exist.


    So there is yet this chance,

    For as long as I remain,

    That compassion will overtake me

    And love forgive the pain.





Published On: November 15, 2007