Friday, March 27, 2015
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5 Techniques for Overcoming Isolation

A woman I hired told me my story is "unusual"—that's the word she used. As this might be true, I have extra compassion for people living with schizophrenia who have ongoing symptoms. I choose not to talk about how hard my life is. Yet because my life is hard, I know it must be exponentially harder for people who still have symptoms they... Read moreChevron

7 Benefits of Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT)

In February, the Treatment Advocacy Center (TAC-not funded by drug companies) hired Health Management Associates (HMA) to examine and report on cost findings in seven jurisdictions that use Assisted-Outpatient Treatment (AOT). The study also noted any sources of cost savings common among the sites.

Potential reductions in direct cost can... Read moreChevron

5 Strategies for Dealing with Paranoia

Here are a handful of strategies for coping with paranoia.

Take your medication every day as prescribed. Talk to your doctor about what you can do if you experience a side effect. Upwards of 75 to 85 percent of individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia require long-term medication. Often, a side effect can be stopped... Read moreChevron

5 Strategies for Coping With Hard Times

I've lived in recovery for 28 years now. I've learned many things I wish my younger self knew when I was just starting out. It's because I've decided to live my life left of the dial (with things in balance on an even keel, like I wrote about in my memoir) that I figured out five tactics for coping with hard times.

Nutrition Information for Schizophrenia Patients

We can use food as fuel. Our bodies are workhorses that can help us accomplish our goals. Along with developing a fitness routine, creating a healthy eating plan can help us stay mentally fit as well as physically fit. 


Six Nutrition Pointers to Consider when Living with... Read moreChevron