Thursday, July 31, 2014
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Christina Bruni's Posts

Schizophrenia News: July 2014

The biological root of schizophrenia is becoming clearer.   Researchers have found this illness is linked to 108 genes.  They used 80,000 genetic samples and it took seven years and the work of 300 scientists from around the world.  The researchers were part of the Schizophrenia Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics... Read moreChevron

Healthy Summer Recipes 2014

It's prime time for Greenmarkets like the one in Union Square in New York City and in areas in America within traveling distance of local farms.   I've decided to make the Healthy Recipes a yearly feature here at the schizophrenia community.   I recommend you buy or check out of the library a copy of The Organic Food Shopper's Guide by... Read moreChevron

Book Review: Surviving Schizophrenia

The Sixth edition of Surviving Schizophrenia: a Family Manual was published in December 2013.  I first read the 1983 first edition in 1987 when I came out of the hospital.   The author is E. Fuller Torrey, M.D. and his sister had schizophrenia and died in her early fifties.   I recommend this newly revised and updated book as the... Read moreChevron

National Minority Mental Health Month 2014

This year I share Ashley Smith's story in her own words:   My Hope & Recovery By Ashley Smith   I’ve heard too often that African Americans tend to disown the existence of mental illness and to justify this philosophy by faith and religion. There is a common idea that people should not engage in treatment and medication... Read moreChevron

Schizophrenia and the 8 Dimensions of Wellness

SAMHSA the government agency created the 8 Dimensions of Wellness Model adapted from Swarbrick, M. (2006). A Wellness Approach. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 29(4), 311–314.   The dimensions of wellness are linked to schizophrenia because when the 8 aspects of recovery take root in a person's life a better outcome is... Read moreChevron