Monday, October 20, 2014
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Christina Bruni's Posts

IMHO: It's Time To Take Back The News Media

A recent news account demonstrates why stigma is alive and well.  The endless reporting on psychotic killers does nothing to prevent these tragedies from happening.  Instead, it gets the public riled up over the safety of our citizens.  Unfortunately, the threat of ongoing violence lingers.


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Recovery Options: Zucker Hillside Hospital IPRT

Ever since 2002, I've been giving talks to the clients at the Zucker Hillside IPRT in Hollis, Queens.  It's going on 13 years that I've been involved with this center in New York City.


An IPRT is an intensive psychiatric rehabilitation treatment program.  The focus is on rehabilitation.  Unlike a traditional... Read moreChevron

Mental Illness Awareness Week 2014

It's 2014: too late in the history of the recovery movement to ignore the continual failed treatments-and near-universal lack of good treatment-for individuals experiencing psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia.


This SharePost will focus on what I see as the problem, and will offer suggestions as to how to make things... Read moreChevron

National Recovery Month 2014

As National Recovery Month draws to a close I wanted to review a critical book that I recommend all family members read along with Clean, the book I reviewed here last September.


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Schizophrenia News: September 2014

Researchers have found that different sets of genetic variations lead to distinct clinical syndromes.  This has advanced the theory that schizophrenia is a group of eight genetically distinct disorders.  The news was published online September 15 in the American Journal of Psychiatry.  The research was conducted at... Read moreChevron