Thursday, October 02, 2014
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Christina Bruni's Posts

National Recovery Month 2014

As National Recovery Month draws to a close I wanted to review a critical book that I recommend all family members read along with Clean, the book I reviewed here last September.


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Schizophrenia News: September 2014

Researchers have found that different sets of genetic variations lead to distinct clinical syndromes.  This has advanced the theory that schizophrenia is a group of eight genetically distinct disorders.  The news was published online September 15 in the American Journal of Psychiatry.  The research was conducted at... Read moreChevron

Goal Setting Part Three: Completing A Goal

Completing a goal takes time and effort.  It's a matter of your own preference whether you publicly state your goal or keep it private.  I find that being vocal about my success holds me accountable to staying on-point on my activist message of hope.


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Goal Setting: Part Two: Follow-Through

Successful follow=through is the difference between achieving a goal and failing.  Quitting before you've even started on the follow-through might be a likely scenario for a lot of people diagnosed with schizophrenia.


A fortune cookie implores: "There is no shame in failure only in quitting."  You don't know... Read moreChevron

Goal Setting Part One: Setting a Goal

Along with biology: an underlying reason a lot of individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia might not set goals is because their "pre-morbid" level of functioning wasn't high to begin with.


If you have little experience at social events, with "going for the gold" on a sports team or in another traditional arena like dating... Read moreChevron