Question of the Month: Technology

  • The question of the month for September is: What role does technology play in your recovery?


    I'm interested in hearing whether any of you have used the MoodTracker featured in the banner at the top of the page whereby you can track your mood each day by entering them into your cell phone.


    Do any of you use technology to manage your recovery?


    I read the results of a survey that indicated proactive patients are more likely to text than those of us who are slow to adopt trends.  I confess that I rarely use my cell phone and wondered for a brief moment if I wasn't proactive enough and should be texting.

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    A machine exists, Emma, to dispense medication to remind people to take their meds and it can keep track of your drug routine with your psychiatrist.  I thought it was one thing for a machine to dispense a pill but that it was no guarantee someone would actually take the pill.


    One way technology benefits us is that we can write SharePosts and ask Questions at the Connection here.


    So: technology: what role does it play in your recovery?

Published On: September 08, 2010