Health Central Offers Mood24/7

  • HealthCentral is pleased to offer an exclusive tool: the Mood 24/7 tracker that enables you to conveniently monitor your moods and report back any changes to your psychiatrist. Community members here and those of us with schizoaffective [schizophrenia combined with a mood disorder] in particular could benefit from this easy-to use tracking system via our cell phones.

    You sign up to use the service and after that each day you will receive a text message asking you to rate how you feel on a scale of one to ten. Your responses to the text messages will be stored in your secure, personal mood chart at Mood24/7 where you can also sign up to begin your free trial.

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    From the web site you can share your mood chart with your psychiatrist and therapist as well as friends and family. Who you choose to tell is up to you. From the home page, click "Share Your Chart" above the chart, or go directly to the Trusted Circle tab on the right. Via the Trusted Circle you can share your chart with your psychiatrist using a Provider ID if you don't have an email address. Dr. Altman has email he uses with his patients and I would send him my chart before our next meeting.

    Your doctor can read the information online by entering the physician's code while logged into your account [first she must have a code set up in the system].

    You can invite any of your friends and family to view your mood chart too. Simply enter their email addresses and remove them when you no longer want them to be privy. The Mood24/7 site uses https [secure http] to encrypt all data that you send to the website.  It also stores the email addresses and phone numbers in encrypted form. Only you and those you explicitly grant permission to join your Trusted Circle have access to view your mood chart.

    Should you miss a day no data point for that day will be recorded in your Mood24/7 chart. Any reply to the day's reminder received before midnight that day will be recorded as the mood data point for that day. Replies received after midnight will be sent to your chart in the day they are received.

    Adam Kaplin, a psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins, invented Mood 24/7.  It is used with text messages [SMS] because this is a ubiquitous and reliable way to send and receive the information on a mobile device.

    I'd be happy to hear from you when you decide to use Mood24/7 to track what goes on. I would possibly use it in my own life to document how I feel on any given day. It could benefit those of us who experience subtle changes as well as those of us who experience peaks and dips.

    Keeping track of your moods via text messaging and the web site chart can help you monitor the effect of medication changes so you can work with your psychiatrist to tweak the dose as necessary.

    This is the beauty of the technology.

    You can register for the service at Mood24/7.

    The regular text messaging rates of your wireless carrier apply.



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Published On: September 12, 2010