Question of the Month: Work and School

  • The question I propose is to share your experiences with working or going to school.  I will be devoting one SharePost exclusively to attending college and at this time would like to request your feedback via e-mail to my Health Central gmail account:


    Specifically: I'm looking to hear about your experiences meeting the challenges of completing schoolwork and taking tests, whether or not you would recommend disclosing to professors and classmates, and your experiences doing so as well as your suggestions for others about how to go about disclosing your mental health diagnosis.

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    The SharePost about school will be the first one that posts in April so I would look forward to getting your feedback by the end of March.


    Other questions I have are about dealing with the stress of going to school, what coping techniques did you use, and any ideas about school life you have that would help our community members.


    Lastly: did you have an experience as a member of a club at school, such as the student newspaper or Hillel or another club and do you suggest joining a club?


    Thank you.


    I will go now to answer this question.




Published On: March 12, 2011