Question of the Month: Schizophrenia: A Day In The Life

  • One of our interns has been working with the staff to create a list of SZ topics to cover at the Connection in my SharePosts.


    No. 16 was "A day in the life of a schizophrenic."  I'm quoting his response as I wouldn't use the term schizophrenic.  So let's change this to: A day in the life of someone who has schizophrenia.


    In the spirit of educating the general public and those newly diagnosed and family members and others: I ask you now to answer this simple question.


    What is it like every day living with schizophrenia?  Has anything changed since before you were diagnosed?  Talk about any practical matters you attend to and anything else you can think of to paint a picture of what it's like.

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Published On: April 02, 2011