Summertime Recipes 2013

  • Summer is here and I want to talk about keeping healthy in the hot weather.


    I recommend that if your town or city has a Greenmarket or Farmers Market you screw up the ethic to spend money on healthful produce.  You can use food stamps in New York State to pay for Greenmarket food.  Investigate whether your state also allows you to use food stamps to pay for fresh produce at a local market.


    I discovered a new vendor that sold eggs, fresh pasteurized milk in glass bottles and different kinds of cheese.  I bought tomatoes and feta and chevre goat and a dozen free range eggs.  It's the perfect recipe for an egg omelet for Sunday brunch at home.

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    Community Supported Agriculture or CSAs allow you to buy a share in a farm's summer crop and get crates of vegetables once a week at a certain location in your neighborhood or nearby.  The drawback to a CSA is that one week you might get an overabundance of kale and the next week it's all broccoli, all the time.


    I'm not a fan of food created with GMOs: genetically-modified organisms.  I would rather eat organic food farmed with minimal pesticides than GMO goods grown with killer herbicides.


    I recommend lobbying your elected officials to cut the nonsense and pass a law requiring the labeling of GMO foods.  Eighty percent of processed food contains GMOs according to Claire Hope Cummings in her must-read expose Uncertain Peril: a food journalist's look at biotech firms and agribusinesses.


    I will offer two recipes at the end of this SharePost that feature food that can be bought at a Greenmarket.  Aside from health benefits you are supporting local farmers most of them organic farmers that have devoted their careers to creating better health for everyone.


    The way I see it: if biotech firms and agribusinesses are convinced GMOs are safe they shouldn't be against the labeling of food that contains GMOs.  Their lobbying efforts against this measure prove they have something to hide.


    You get what you pay for and garbage in garbage out should not be your life ethic or eating plan.  It should definitely not be the motto of someone diagnosed with schizophrenia or another mental illness.  It is imperative for those of us with a diagnosis to take care of ourselves because in the end how many of us can trust others to have our best interests at heart?


    You and I alone are our prime caregivers and we need to be proactive in caring for ourselves.


    With this in mind I will offer two recipes:


    Eggs Scramble with Feta Cheese and Tomatoes.


    Dice one large or a couple of small tomatoes into pieces.  Break up the feta cheese into crumbs. 


    Whisk three eggs for a couple of minutes to get them fluffy.


    Cook them in a frying pan and scramble them up and when they're almost cooked add the cheese and tomatoes.  Scramble the mixture until the cheese is melted and everything is mixed.


    The beauty of this recipe is that it doesn't matter if it's messy.  I can rarely make a perfectly halved omelet with the egg flipped in half with everything else neatly enveloped in a pouch of the egg.


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    Summertime Salad.


    Any good Greenmarket or Farmers Market will sell a variety of great lettuce like green leaf lettuce or romaine or red leaf lettuce.  Sometimes the head of lettuce is so big you have enough to cut into three salads to eat over three days.


    I get green leaf lettuce, tomatoes and spring onions (scallions) or yellow onions.  The other day I discovered a green bell pepper to use in the salad too.


    Tear the lettuce into manageable pieces.  Cut the tomatoes into sections going around the tomato.  Cut the spring or yellow onion into tiny pieces.

    Mix everything up and if you'd like an alternative to store-bought salad dressing here's a recipe for salad dressing.


    I stopped buying store-bought dressing when I realized how quick and easy it is to mix your own.  Buy a cruet to fill and store in the refrigerator and use when you make salads.  It takes only one minute to mix the dressing.


    Italian Salad Dressing.


    Shake up a quarter cup balsamic vinegar and a cup of olive oil.  Pour to taste on the salad and then add Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese on top and toss the salad.  You can store the extra dressing for about five days to a week.


    You could substitute parmesan cheese yet at least get the container of parmesan cheese that's been freshly grated not the kind of grated cheese you get in a small cardboard container.


    That's the quick recipe for Italian salad dressing.  It might even clock in at 30 seconds.


    I'd love to hear your comments on this SharePost


    Keep cool this summer.  One good way to do this is to eat light instead of eating meat and potatoes.  If like me you don't feel like eating in the heat: eat light.  You will feel better.


    If shopping at a Greenmarket or Farmers Market is out of the question I urge you at least to frequent the produce section of your local supermarket.  Today you'll be surprised what you find there.


    Fruits and vegetables should absolutely take up prime real estate on your dinner plate.  They taste delicious too.


    Find a local Greenmarket at LocalHarvest.


    Buon Appetito.


Published On: August 06, 2013