Goal Setting Part Three: Completing A Goal

  • Completing a goal takes time and effort.  It's a matter of your own preference whether you publicly state your goal or keep it private.  I find that being vocal about my success holds me accountable to staying on-point on my activist message of hope.


    See my SharePost the Stages of Change.  Read the John Norcross book Changeology about a scientifically-proven method of creating change step-by-step.  The book is the jazzed-up version of the original research.


    How to make a habit last: it takes three weeks or 21 days to effect a lasting change.  Focusing on the bigger end result-the whole chunk-could discourage and overwhelm you.  Start with step one and then step two and step three and so on in the order you need to take the steps.

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    Again: break goals into one-week, 3-week and 3-month sub-goals.  Remember that you might not be able to achieve a goal another person can.  And they might not be able to achieve a goal you can.  That's why a goal needs to be SMART: relevant to you and your needs.


    A reward  is always in order for completing a goal and for completing each sub-goal too.


    Surrounding yourself with inspiring quotations and photos of what you want to get is another way to increase your chance of success.  My favorite mantra comes from the Adidas slogan: "Impossible is Nothing."


    It helps to tell yourself: "I can do this" when you first start out instead of doubting yourself and saying "I can't do this."  You might have self-doubt yet you can push past your fear and do the thing you think you cannot do by framing things positively.


    I will end here with a secret that might work for you too.  I find that going public with my success gives me the impetus not to slip up because the information is out there for others to see.  If I do "fall down" or have a setback I remind myself the setback is only temporary.


    It will help for you to understand that setbacks are often only temporary.

    Give yourself a "lifeline" instead of a deadline.


    I welcome comments about this goal-setting series.

Published On: September 19, 2014