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  • At the time about the Clintons were rising to power,I had a complete breakdown and turned into a maniac. I saw the spirit of George Bush senior flipping his hand and saying,"You need to be eliminated"

    I saw the ghost of Spike Lee saying,"Are you going to let them get away with that!" At this time I was convinced they were spreading Aids!

    And wanted me to figure it out so I would trigger violence and rioting and either get myself killed or locked up.

    I saw the ghost of Alfred Hitchcock which really scared me.

    I felt like I was living out some Hitchcockian nightmare.

    I saw the ghost of Queen Victoria she said,"You are my descendant."

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    Then shortly afterwards I found a book on the British monarchy

    lying in the gutter. Which ofcourse I took as another sign from god.

    I also saw the spirit of Winston Churchill which proved to me that wars really don't end and that Aids was a continuation of World War Two.

    It hurt me to know how funny everyone thought my Aids theory was.

    But I believed it especially with a hundred websights devoted to Aids being manmade.

    I ranted to recordings on 800 numbers thinking I was helping to counteract mob wars and a nuclear holocaust. All to protect myself.

    I sent out all the legalities I could think of and built a case to make it legal evidence against their crimes against humanity and the planet.

    For everything from the rise of Adolf Hitler till present.

    Sounds pretty grandiose doesn't it. I didn't trust anyone. I saw the spirit of Madonna saying," I would be paranoid too."

    And then I was homeless staying at shelters and dropin centers praying at churches and synagogues. At the time I saw the spirit of Tom Cruise saying happily,"Poor Eric."

    I really don't believe that these movie stars and Presidents know I exist.

    But at the time it scared me because of how much money they had.

    Now I'm so used to it all, I don't care, at the time I didn't care

    if they did successfully eliminate me.

    That was all a long time ago.

    I got my housing and forgot about it. I took time to recover,about three years of serious depression and apathy. Then I moved to a better apartment got a cat. But about four years ago I had  another breakdown

    same shizoid behavior over the telephone lines for about four months and that time I was put in the mental ward for two weeks.

    Then the last time I did the same thing over the telephone lines was about last November for about three weeks. I went insanely paranoid again but got through it. Now I'm content to journalize about it all.

    Maybe I was picked up by the extraterrestials because I remember them holding me in their grip, physically and mentally coming at me with a long needle. I think the extraterrestials are protecting the planet along with the spirits of the dead to counteract a nuclear holocaust.

    The planet is one living organism and everyone is connected through invisible sticky fibers including the spirits of the dead and the aliens.

    Invisible sticky fibers connecting everyone like everythoing is connected through the electric lines the cable and fiber optic lines and radio waves.

  • Which brings us to this new year, I spent the new years eve at a peace concert at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.

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    So happy new year everyone.

Published On: January 04, 2008