Taking care, looking after, looking forward: Top Tips

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  • Good morning everyone,

    This post is just to mention a link to a site for mental Health support I have recently come across, which I hope others might find helpful. I am sure many tips will be well known to regular posters here, but might help newcomers to the site , searching for info and 'self help' skills to improve and maintan well being (body and soul!) of themselves and others close to them.

    Dave's recent account of his cookery competition sprang to mind when I read the suggestion to

    sometimes do things 'the long way'! Quote:

    'Modern life gives so many short cuts to (intended) pleasure:convenience food,  microwave, computer games etc that save us time and gives us short term gratification, but what are we saving time for? Try doing things the long way round.Cooking a meal from scratch can be creative with a rewarding end result!

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    The other suggestion I liked was to jot down at the end of each day '3 good things' and review them at the end of the week.

    (My contrariness (and sense of balance) when I read this immediately made me think I might want to note at least 1 or 2 negatives alsoUndecided. I still think reviewing later helps put them in perspectve! (Often much later)


     If anyone is interested,(sorry I am not god at pasting links )but try googling 'Top Tips for positive mental health. It is on the wellscotland.info site.


    I am off to walk the dog on a lovely autumn morning. Later a home made soup is in order I think!




Published On: September 20, 2008