Thought circles

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  • Circles have no beginning and no end. Circles make up a large part of's orbit, the circle of life, and crop circles. My wedding ring is a circle. It shows my love for Margaret as a beginning without no end.


    As I was doing my reading and studying the thought occurred to me about "thought circles." I was telling Margaret about my how I think. My idea of thought circles is that I will think 3 or 4 thoughts in a stream..Then I will think backwards those thoughts in reverse sequence. I hear music lyrics in my mind. I also think at the same time...makes sense right?


    Sometimes when I'm writing, my thoughts go faster than my typing..(I knew I should have paid more attention in typing class) therefore I may "get lost" as to what I want to say. The lyrics I hear are what save me. When I lose my train of thought I will wait til the lyric repeats itself. When the part of the lyric comes back to the "forgotten" thought I will remember what I it was. Weird HUH? It works for me.

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    Yesterday, Margaret and I went to the church, for the cooking class, but there wasn't anybody there except the man who schedules use of the building. He said he had no knowledge of anything going on. So we went out to lunch and did some shopping.


    I finished section B of the teacher training manual. I highlighted some things. The teacher won't be there today, but I still wanted to finish the section that way I know that I can do it. Actually I finshed two sections last week.


    It's Sunday and my Spirtitual battery will get recharged.


    It's cold here. They predicted snow flurries last night. April showers bring May snow showers!! I peeked outside and thankfully there isn't any snow. The outlying areas may have had some.

    Today is the beginning of the rest of your life.



Published On: May 09, 2010
  • Christina Bruni
    Health Guide
    May. 10, 2010

    Hi Dave,


    From what I hear Upstate New York has two seasons: winter and August.


    Ha ha it's supposed to be a joke.


    Right now it's cold in the City again and I don't look forward to going to bed in the cold with the wind roaring outside.


    I'm sure it has snowed in May round about where you are.




    • David Robbins
      May. 10, 2010

      Christina you fogot the two others seasons....The 4th of July and pothole season...LOL!


      Hope it warmed up for ya.


      Have a great day!