Saturday, July 26, 2014
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esanderson, Editor

Erica is passionate about healthy living, traveling, and journalism.

Latest Crohn’s Disease News and Research

Here’s a roundup of recent headlines and research related to Crohn’s disease, the autoimmune disorder that affects the digestive tract.   News Women proudly share their colostomies on social media to fight stigma and shame. Be proud of your bags, ladies. Bethany Townsend, a 23-year-old makeup artist/model from the UK, sparked a... Read moreChevron
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healthgal, Health Guide

Medical and lifestyle columnist

Are You Calling My Kid Fat?

Unfortunately parents may be walking the journey of denial big time, when it comes to their kids’ weight and health realities.  According to a University of California, San Diego School of Medicine study, parents of kids who are clinically obese, are in MAJOR denial.  In fact, parents do not often recognize the potentially serious... Read moreChevron
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My Bariatric Life

My Bariatric Life, Health Guide

I grew from fit to fat and became a processed food junkie and couch potato with diabetes, celiac disease, depression, acid reflux, asthma, and hypertension. I was in my 30s, morbidly obese and on ~10 prescription medications. Since 2003 I've maintained massive weight loss from gastric bypass surgery and remain free from 9 of the 10 prescriptions. Then in 2013 I underwent body contouring plastic surgeries to remove the last traces of my former obesity. Nowadays I am committed to supporting the online patient community with outstanding resources and by sharing my long-term success in defeating obesity and obesity-related illnesses. Today, I'm a size small (down from a size 24W) and living larger than ever!

Sugar Companies Provide Misleading Information

"Sugar in the diet does not cause diabetes." As a matter of fact, "sugar adds to the quality of children's diet," or so said the Sugar Association in 2009 and 2010.   There you have it then. The matter is closed and thank you for your time. Sugar is our friend, and we should consume it as often as possible in heaps that would stagger an... Read moreChevron
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John Bottrell

John Bottrell, Health Pro

A Registered Respiratory Therapist and asthmatic

High-Fat Diets May Cause Asthma in Children

Asthma rates have risen dramatically in recent years.  While there are many theories for this, the theory that a diet high in fatty foods -- such as onion rings, french fries, fried chicken, Big Macs, Whoppers -- and obesity in general may both trigger an asthma attack and cause one to develop asthma.    In my article “Can... Read moreChevron
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Gretchen Becker

Gretchen Becker, Health Guide

Author, Humorist,

Soft Food and Insulin Resistance

Does the texture of the food you eat affect your insulin resistance? A recent study suggests that it does.   These researchers fed male rats soft pellets or regular pellets for 14 weeks and then examined a number of factors, including insulin resistance and glucose tolerance.   The authors said it had previously been shown that... Read moreChevron

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