Saturday, April 30, 2016
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All People Who Are Taking "Buspar"


earlyriser, Community Member


addiction and depression

Addiction and more importantly addiction recovery, has a huge impact on my life. I've shared before all of my results. Does depression play a part in an addicts life? Does depression signal a relapse? Do the intense urges to give in to an addiction get worse during a depressive episode?


I often wonder and have been... Read moreChevron

David Robbins

David Robbins, Community Member


A quick note

Just to let ya all know that I am doing great. By me limiting the time online I am feeling stronger everyday. I do miss writing here. I have been working on my memoir more and more.


I quit my volunteer job because of staff abuse towards the "consumers." I reported and nothing was done about it. I feel at times that I... Read moreChevron