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    May 29, 2008
    how do i help my husband get out of jail?
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    May 29, 2008

    My husband has a very severe mental illness and it causes him to not remember things and turn things that he doesnt understand into negative situations. His mind tricked him into believing that his father killed me,his wife, and he went into a rage and broke his dads ribs and is now being charged with 3 felonies. I tried getting him help before it reached this point, but no one would help me. i tried to title 36 him and they still would not help him. I called the police, the mental hospitals and even councelors in the area. they all ignored what i was telling them and now my husband is in jail when he should have been put in a mental hospital for his conditition.He doesnt deserve to be in jail. he doesnt even know why he is there or what he did!How can I get him the help he needs?



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  • DrBehavior May 30, 2008
    May 30, 2008


    I don't know what city or state you're in so that makes answering your question somewhat more difficult.  However, there are some things you really ought to know prior to embarking on your quest for assistance.  First, there are an awful lot of attorney's out there that will promise you the moon, take a rather large retainer, and yet have little to no experience in dealing with people who are actively mentally ill.  More than once I, myself, have encountered such a situation and when you're in the midst of an emotional crises as well as feeling desperate you'll tend to trust the words of a seemingly well-intended legal practitioner where in another state of mind you absolutely would not.  So, I'd advise that the first thing you do is contact your local NAMI chapter and address your situation with them completely.  Ask them whom they would use in a similar circumstance if it were their loved one?  You'll also be well-advised to speak to your family doctor (or a NAMI member) about having someone see your husband immediately - and that means prior to his being allowed back home.  If his memory is involved in his illness that means that you could just as easily be a target of his next violent attack.  I'd definitely ask my friends and families to help me to formulate all the necessary questions and help me look for all the proper resources.  This is a herculean task and feeling as you do only makes it more difficult to accomplish on your own.  Don't be afraid to ask people to help you - they'll surprise you by their willingness to support you and do whatever else you ask of them.

    Remember, this is a case where considerable professional intervention is required not only because of the felony charges but also to safeguard yourself and other family members, particularly until such time as there's a diagnosis and treatment is implemented.

  • Patricia June 03, 2008
    June 03, 2008

    So sorry this is happening to you and your loved one; our son is also in jail, from threatening his father & me, even kicking him; finally had to call 911 and get the police involved. He was sent to a mental hospital for 60 days, but is now back home for a court date. Any letters from professionals stating his condition and given to the judge may help. The jail has a doctor on staff, you maybe can talk with the dr. and get your husband on meds; even tho meds don't help our son much. Hope they have a positive effect on your case.        Amom

  • Stepharina October 03, 2010
    October 03, 2010

    Im really sorry your going through this. I am kinda going through the same thing but my husband is a paranoid schizophrenic so not as bad as your husband. my husband has been in jail for 3 months now and they made his sentencing for december. my husband said he will most likely get out in january and he knows for sure it will be less then a year. he is getting the help he needs in jail because their giving his a shot for his illness. i just hope he will get out soon 

    • arizonagrl
      January 20, 2012
      January 20, 2012

      my son is  in jail and  has court comming soon and he was found to have  paranoid schizophrenia  yesterday  the judge order a eval befor her sentences him  wonder what can happen . we knew he had it but the lawyer he has didnt beleave us .my son was told  befor this was done he was looking at prison time .

    • missin.my.man
      September 03, 2012
      September 03, 2012

      i have many of times to my husbands lawyer to get an evaluation.... she said he is to intelligant and doesnt need help... so myself knowing he needs help i went and got ahold of a mental health lady and have her visting my husband while incarcerated. he has now been diagnosed with PTSD.. he is looking at prison time. but im windering if there is a way i can get him psychological help instead of prison/..i know prison wont help and he needs help... any advice please....

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