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Sunday, October 03, 2010 megan, Community Member, asks

Q: whats wrong with me? people say am schizophrenic but i don't think so. does this sound like schizophrenia? am i schizophrenic?

am 15 . female. i hear voices in my head they tell me to kill people and myself . but they are my friends i talk and so fort. they're the only one i trust . cause i hate humans. i see alot of stuff people don't see. i think i see demons but am not sure wat it was . but it was frigtening . things follow me i can sense that they are around. i even heard they foot steps behind me.when i ran they ran pass me i was so scared. when i was sleeping they touch me. and always wake me up. sometimes i feel my bed shake like an earthquake but they was no earthquake. i became really withdrawn . people call me crazy when i tell them demons are after me. i feel like i can't control my thoughts or my actions. sometimes an control rage come upon me and i smash my head against walls,box,cuff,slap,burn,cut my self or hurt others. i tried to burn,kill,drown my cat. -sign-. i don't know why. am always in a sort of i've traveled to my friends (voices) etc etc 

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Christina Bruni, Health Guide
10/ 6/10 10:08pm

Hi megan,


I'm the community leader here and will echo Donna's advice: you need to see a psychiatrist right away to get an accurate diagnosis.  The earlier you are treated with medication and therapy, the better the outcome will be.


People with schizophrenia often hear what's called "command voices" telling them to do things.  In some cases, like your own, the voices tell you to harm yourself.


Now: imagine you had to live with those voices for the rest of your life.  You could live to be 70 years old and hear those voices for 60 years.


Or: you could get treatment and possibly be totally free of the voices and have a better life than the one you have now.


Are you writing to us for confirmation that what you describe is OK?  this sounds like schizophrenia or another mental illness to me only I cannot diagnose or treat what's going on.


I will tell you to be honest with your parents and go immediately to see a doctor who can indeed diagnosse you.


My name is Christina and I was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was 22.  A day later I started taking the medication that halted my symptoms within three weeks.  I've taken the medication every day as prescribed for over 18 years.  I have a job, friends, loving family and actually by the way I have a day job and two other jobs on the side.


So there is hope and recovery is possible.


What you describe sounds like it is frightening to deal with.  Given the choice I would not want to hear voices telling me to kill myself.


The idea that you said you can only trust the voices leads me to believe that something else is going on in your life that you're not being honest with yourself about or that you're afraid to talk to other people about.


Only an online forum is not where you need to be right now.  You need to talk to your parents, a school guidance counselor or someone else who could go with you to a doctor to get the kind of help you might need.


Please talk to someone as soon as possible.


Like I said, people with schizophrenia, like me and the other community members at this web site, have had success with our recoveries.


Schizophrenia might sound scary however it's just a word and anybody can have schizophrenia, there's no shame in being diagnosed with it.


So talk to someone in person who can help you get help.




hannah13, Community Member
11/ 6/10 4:02pm

my name is Hannah, and i hear things other people cant. i hear my dad when im at school (my dad died two years ago) and he tells me to do things to hurt myself and some other people. i see him too sometimes and it really scares me. i want it to stop but nobody believes me what should i do? this is driving me crazy.

Christina Bruni, Health Guide
11/14/10 11:03am

talk to your school guidance counselor.  talk to a teacher you trust.


what you describe should be taken seriously before it gets any worse.


you're gone through a lot of stress in your young life.


You should be commended for your bravery.




JustTana, Community Member
8/17/11 11:36pm

What medication are you taking now?

Donna-1, Community Member
10/ 3/10 9:31pm

I guess I am a little skeptical -- forgive me for that.  But I have a couple of questions to ask: have you used/abused any illicit drugs?  That can lead to psychosis that mimics schizophrenia or even becomes schizophrenia.  And have you read much about schizophrenia?  I am just asking because the symptoms you present are so varied, though most could be considered "classic" symptoms like hallucinations.  And you hear voices that tell you to commit homicide and suicide yet you trust them and they are your friends....?  I once heard the devil telling me to kill my husband and kill myself and it was the scariest thing I ever experienced.  Nothing friendly or trustworthy about it.


I am not doubting that you are experiencing delusions and hallucinations, but this really is not the place to go for a diagnosis.  We are not doctors.  The first thing to do is to go to a psychiatrist after you have been honest with your parents about what is going on.  And I must warn you, if a psychiatrist thinks you are a danger to yourself or others, she will be obligated to hospitalize you and will want to start a medication regime as soon as possible.  And these medications often have horrible side effects -- massive weight gain, feeling like a zombie, sleeping too much or too little, uncontrolable movement of the muscles involving the mouth.  This is nothing to dabble in.


But if all of your symptoms are real to you, you must see a psychiatrist, as I said.  I started having delusions and hallucinations at an early age and wish I had sought treatment then instead of waiting till I was 37.  The earlier you seek treatment, the better your chances of having a full and rewarding life.


Best wishes to you -- let us know what the doctor says.

Logan, Community Member
11/ 2/11 10:29pm
Hi my name is Logan I'm 14 almost 15 I have gone through the same thing they put me on seriquil cuz I had pyschois I thought that ppl could hear my thoughts my mind would play tricks with me it would make me start thinking about stuff I didn't want ppl to know about stuff that came to mine stuff some of what I thought that wasn't even true evently u have tO do something about it if don't it won't go away it will eat away at u and only get worse it's like a disease the sooner u do something about it the better cuz then u can treat it before it does the real damage that will affect u for the rest of your life I havent felt with that stuff in over 6 months this is like a war you have to fight it just like thous ppl who fight cancer there's ppl who had cancer and now thou don't cuz they fighted it never give up if u give up u will let it win be polishes I'm polishes and proud it's my strong side I'm stuberner than mule it never win and I will never give up I'm still battling sortive ppl think I'm crazy cuz some stuff but it benefits me more then it than it hurts straight A student 10th grade level science math and history 12th grade reading level I see lots of things as like puzzles u take a piece from here then u take pieces from there and put it together like a mandlebraught simpler saying like a fractal I have hundreds of theories idea I made a home made generatotor that uses radios aka electric magnetic frequencies through a abc36 channels receiver ran through 12 of them them a tesla coil like campacator that makes a equivalent of 108 volts small scale exspirement there could make a lot more on a bigger scale and it a whole lot cheaper than solar power or other stuff and no emission and can even be made out of pretty much stuff that u have at home I came across a lot of this after one of my crazy mana episodes when I was studying about paramethology and dooms day and stuff like kenesis such as pyrokenesis hydrokenesis elecrokenesis is my most favorite I study elecrokenesis primarily I am also a full on believer with scientificul theory even phyiest say it's not possible because of the brain compacety level but by meditation u can first practice calmIng the mine and control thinking u can counter react the thinking processes and ignoring distractions this is a way of using ur weaknesses for something good that's wat I'm doing than after u can control the thought process then doing brain exercises that make it make the brain more able to excess more parts of the brain congrads u just proved them wrong theres a lot of accounts of ppl having powers over electricity primarily in the far east like the Naples becuz o the religion the have this type of connection called chi I'm not saying ppl can shot kith ing bolts out of there hands or anything like that well that would be BS but I can light up a LED light becuz of meditation it haves benifeted me very well I fell like it Is easer to learn it feels like my brain is a sponge all it does is exorb I know when the world will end wat time wat minute the fazes it will go through zodiac sighns wat will happen I will give u a hint after all I love puzzles 12/21/2011 1ST •12/21/2012 2ND•12/21/2013 3RD •KSHV •JACOBSINS DISEASE MISSION KASTRO NOVA CUBA 10/24/2011 RUSS-INFO HOMICIDE GENICIDE SUCIDE GREED FAMINE GOVERMENTAL CALLASPE ROITS FIGHTING LIEING 2ND Reply
Logan, Community Member
11/ 2/11 10:33pm
If u got questions email me at Don't worry thou if want to survive I know how and not every body will die on dooms day Reply
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