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Monday, November 02, 2009 bwick493, Community Member, asks

Q: drug induced sz

A meth induced sz ...will the sz go way if the person stops using meth?

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Answers (3)
Christina Bruni, Health Guide
11/ 8/09 7:03pm

Hello bwick,


It is not always possible for the schizophrenia to go away.  As the others suggested, I would try to be honest with yourself as to whether mental illness runs in your family.


There are some people with prior alcohol abuse histories who can stop having DTs and the other schizophrenia-like symptoms, but that is after many years sober.  Also a person would have to be clean from drugs for many years before he or she can say the SZ is behind him or her.


It never really goes away, you can just keep it at bay.  The way to do that is to refrain from street drugs and alcohol.  I have a best friend who is quite successful in his recovery from alcoholism.  He has been sober for 19 years and no longer has any symptoms except for SAD-seasonal affective disorder-the winter blues.


I would not get hung up over the SZ label because people with SZ can go on to do great things and have full, productive lives.  I have SZ and I have a Masters degree and have worked as a professional librarian for 12 years.




David Robbins, Community Member
11/ 2/09 4:07am

Will the SZ go away after stopping meth? This answer is based on my own experience, and it is just that... mine. I used meth heavily in high school. I stopped using it at age 17 when my Sz appeared. I am 46 and I still and will always have SZ.


I also want to add that even though I have SZ I have a good life. I worked hard for what I have...not only the possessions, but the mental health things I have acquired.





bwick493, Community Member
11/ 3/09 4:12pm

So would you say that your SZ was meth induced....This is all new to me..I am working with my son who may have triggered this by using meth....he has stopped using and was put on zyprexa and it doesn't seem to have started working it suppose to work right away ? He has taken 5 mg for 6 nights and he still can't sleep and still hears voices and he seems to have become spacey the last couple of day 6.

David Robbins, Community Member
11/ 4/09 5:11am

My psychiartrist told me one time that I was like the space shuttle that blew up. He said that there was something wrong with it before the launch.


Over the years and especially these last three years or so, I have come to the belief that my SZ was caused by three things.


The first being genetic. My family has three or four with some form of mental illness.


Second is abuse. I was beat on many, many times by my oldest brother.


Third is drug and alcohol use. I used alot of drugs in the 1980's. Meth was one that I used heavily. I also drank quite a bit. I believe that the drugs were the cataylst that "broke the donkey's back." Let me add this..the last time I got high on pot I was a psychotic mess. I haven't touched and pot for 25 years, meth in 29 years, alcohol in 19 years and cigaretes in 16 or 17 years.


Now mind you that these are my own assumptions. They are not based on any scientific data.


As for the meds it will take time for the med to work. If it doesn't, there are alot of meds that help.


Be patient and watchful. If you see that after a while your son's symptoms aren't getting better, tell his pdoc.


The good news is that even though he has SZ, he can lead a good life.


I wish you and your son well.





bwick493, Community Member
11/ 6/09 4:33am

Thanks for your input. I can't get him to believe there is anything wrong yet...he believes it is all real so now he is not willing to get help or take any medication. Don't know what to do.

Don Fraser, Community Member
11/ 4/09 12:25am

There is no scientific evidence to prove that street-drugs induce schizophrenia. A drug-trip is an induced psychosis but the bottom-line is that it is over in three days. Schizophrenia, however, can last a lifetime.

There is some evidence to suggest that "meth" and other drugs can act as a sort of catalyst, if the individual is pre-disposed with the illness.        By this I mean that someone in his family has or had a mental illness.       Stress can also act this way.


Regarding your question about the effectiveness of Zyprexa, if your son has been properly diagnosed and you have a diagnosis, your health-care professional can tell you about what to expect from Zyprexa.       Anti-psychotic drugs take a while to work their way into the system.




Don Fraser

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