• mothball mothball
    October 10, 2010
    I switched from Abilify (25mg daily) to Fanapt (16mg daily).
    mothball mothball
    October 10, 2010

    Swithced from Abilify (25mg daily) to Fanapt (16mg daily) due to Akathisia from Abilify as the dose increased. On one or two occasions only, on Fanapt, so far, I have also experienced it when I had consumed way too much caffeine those 2 days. Can mega doses of caffeine cause Akathisia? (Inner torment, shudders of agony, chemical torture?)

     Also take Cymbalta (60mg daily), Tegretol (400mg daily)



  • Christina Bruni
    Health Guide
    October 12, 2010
    Christina Bruni
    Health Guide
    October 12, 2010

    Hello mothball,


    Please be honest with your psychiatrist about any symptoms or side effects you're experiencing with the new drug or with any drug you're on.


    I read a book about medications for schizophrenia years ago and it suggested that people with schizophrenia need to refrain from using caffeine.


    Cutting out the caffeine you will see if the akathisia stops.


    If the akathisia continues there is a drug that can be prescribed to help alleviate the atkathisia.  You can ask your doctor or pharmacist for the name of the drug.  I thought it was called Inderal but I could be mistaken because it was years ago I spoke to my pharmacist about this.


    It is my personal opinion [not a medical opinion] that caffeine should be avoided or if used only used in minimal doses.


    For example: I have a bottle of Snapple Peach Iced tea three or four days a week and of that amount I have one bottle a day on the days I have it.


    The person who wrote the book that stated we should refrain from caffeine was an MD.


    I can't tell you definitely if mega doses of caffeine cause akathisia however I wouldn't be surprised if it did.




    • mothball
      October 12, 2010
      October 12, 2010

      Thank you for responding. I'm feeling so terrible, and am going to cut out caffeine. I'm willing to do what it takes to feel better.

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