• Ruby Ruby
    February 14, 2010
    Have i got paranoid schizophrenia ?,
    Ruby Ruby
    February 14, 2010

    im always confused, loose my temper over silly things, always neverous + paranoid, cant sleep i always think someone is watching me, thought bout killing myself !, i feel myself doing + saying thing i wouldnt have a few years back, always in trouble with the police !, i dont like going out the house anymore, dont talk to any of my friends anymore.ohh and my dads, dad has got it but not my dad or anyone else, when i loose my temper i dont care what i do, or who i hurt an till after the mood has gone.
    I have really bad mood swings, one muinte i will be really happy an nice, and the next minute i hate everyone an i dont care bout anything.
    i Do really silly things aswel :(. ii hate people walking behind me aswell it just makes me paranoid !!, i hate feeling like thiis !, sometimes i just get really confused like.. i forget what im typeing, forget what im talking about, forget what im doin basicaly,forget what im going to say. i dont really go to school anymore i have alot of time off because i just dont wont to leave the house !.
    my pattern of sleep has changed aswell i dont like sleeping at night i think someone wonts to kill me, an is watching me so i go to sleep when its getting light out side, because i dont think someone will kill in the day light !, and there is a little girl who sits by my bed at night sometimes just looking at me ://. plus i have been kicked out of 3 mainstrem schools, 1 behaouir centre, because i loose my temper to easy, and get really stressed, but luckly i have got into a nother behouir centre now.Im Fourteen please helpppp !!!!!



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  • Don Fraser February 15, 2010
    Don Fraser
    February 15, 2010

    Hi Ruby, How are you today ?        It was a nice sunny day where I live, on Vancouver Island, BC in Canada.     I had a nice walk today. It made me feel good and I felt that I was loved, that I could feel love.

       But to your question " Do I have paranoid schizophrenia".    That's a name for an illness that some people have.     I think that a doctor would know about illnesses than I do.        But I do know this : a doctor could give you medication that may help you with your scared feelings.         You should just go and see one.

        I saw a doctor and he helped me a lot.


    Well, back to the love and sunshine !


    Don F.

    • Ruby
      February 15, 2010
      February 15, 2010

      Heya. it wasnt to bad thanks, i took a walk down the shops with my dog. it was really cold in england,birmingham!, its been cold the last couple of days really.

      ii wont to go see a doctor but, imm not sure.

      thanks for writeing to me x

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