• Masiemoo Masiemoo
    July 01, 2010
    what does my diagnosis mean?
    Masiemoo Masiemoo
    July 01, 2010

    hi, i am confused because while at  my G.Ps i saw my notes on her computer and saw my diagnosis; 'non organic unspecified psychosis'-does it mean i am supposed to be dangerous?! im not, honest! i thought i had schizophrenia cos my meds 'seroquel said it is for schitzophrenia....i think 'psychosis' is maybe something worse! eek!



  • Christina Bruni
    Health Guide
    July 05, 2010
    Christina Bruni
    Health Guide
    July 05, 2010

    Hello lucydenton,


    Welcome to the Connection!


    I want to weigh in.  It is my contention that the word psychotic should be banished from the dictionary.  What it really means is that you exhibited to a doctor a certain constellation of symptoms that led him or her to make a diagnosis.


    Carolyn is right because the criteria for a diagnosis of schizophrenia is that you experience the symptoms for at least six months.  So if you have newly experienced those symptoms the doctor might not be able to give you a schizophrenia diagnosis, especially if the symptoms went away with drug treatment.


    Your question indicates to me that you are a bright, intelligent, sensitive and self-aware woman who has the insight into her life to want to know exactly what happened and what that bodes for you in the future.

    I will echo Carolyn's words: I'm the community leader here and have a job as a librarian that I've worked at for 10 years and I have a literary agent representing my memoir, Left of the Dial, so it should be sold to a publisher shortly.


    I really do believe the word psychotic itself is the harshest word to bear living with as it is used to describe your behavior.  Just remember it doesn't describe you, it describes the behavior you exhibited.


    You are not your symptoms.  You are a human being with needs desires hopes joy sadness fear and successes and dreams for future success: just like people who don't have some kind of label attached to them.


    I would if I were you try hard to see beyond the labels the professionals use to make a diagnosis.  Be brave and live your life.  You have much to be hopeful for achieving if you stay in treatment, take yours meds every day as prescribed, and get out and be active in the world.


    I look forward to your continued contributions here.


    Best regards,



  • Donna-1 July 03, 2010
    July 03, 2010

    Make another appointment.  Tell your GP, honestly, that you read her notes about you (I mean after all, they are YOURS -- you paid for them, right?)  Ask  her exactly what these words meant in YOUR case.  Psychosis definitely does not mean that you have schizophrenia or are dangerous -- it could be that schizophrenia becomes a diagnosis, but it takes several months of observation (preferably by a psychiatrist) to determine that.  Schizophrenics are rarely dangerous.


    Btw, I have schizophrenia and live a very good life.  I contribute to my community by doing volunteer work, I take care of my 83 yr old mother, I am living independently in my own apartment, I am an active church member, and so forth.  I enjoy DVD's and reading and movies and just about everything that everyone else likes.  Schizophrenia is not a death sentence.  Schizophrenics are rarely violent, although the media would have you think otherwise.  The media sensationalize mental illness and portray everyone with mental illness as screaming, maniacal, kiillers.  It isn't true.  If your doctor thought you might be dangerous to yourself or others, she would have told you.


    On the other hand, pyschosis may mean depression.  Seroquel can be used for a number of illnesses, including depression and schiozophrenia.   You obviously don't feel dangerous and obviously are not dangerous.  Don't worry about that.  I don't know what your symptoms were (the ones you shared with your GP) that lead her to write that particular diagnosis or symptom in your notes.  But you DO have a right to know!  Now!  Call and make an appointment to have a totally aboveboard discussion with her.  Make a list of all your questions and ask them.


    Best wishes.  Let us know how it turns out!



  • Masiemoo July 05, 2010
    July 05, 2010

    Thanks ! I feel so much better now, 'I've been under 'the Early Intervention in Psychosis mental health team' for 3 years, and I'm going onto a 'normal' community mental health team in november. I asked my psychiatrist about the diagnosis I had spied on the GPs computer, and he said the 'Early Intervention mental health team' do not give a diagnosis of schizophrenia anymore, they dont like to specify. he said I've got symptoms of schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder , but he doesnt want to 'label' me. I think I thought 'psychosis' meant attacking people cos of that Hitchcock film;' Psycho', where its all about stabbing people in showers! lol! I am doing voluntary work at a daycentre for people with dementia and some of them are on the same meds as me too.I'm glad I found out they dont think I'm dangerous! It's good to meet other people with similar health conditions! xx

  • Steven W. September 16, 2011
    Steven W.
    September 16, 2011

    It means your doctor is lazy & stupid! She went to college, so she is intelligent. Big deal. Intelligent is quite different than being smart. Usally a doctor will make a diagosis, & if they cant figure out what is really wrong with you, (lets say, you really have a medical problem, but they cant figure it out) then they rule it as physological! I had simarler experiences over the years, & the doctors judged me by the book coverWink. I was in my early 50's, but i worked out, & had a body of an 18 year old. So, off to the therapist, for many years, & he could not figure out either what was wrong with me. NOW, remember this is just 1 example. I went in with a lot of different problems from bad sleep,(apne) to muscle pains, & the list goes on. So instead of taking the time to listen to you, & maybe even some tests, who knows!

    Well, I finally stopped going to the gym, & lifting heavy weights.(It took a good 2 years just to lose some of my muscles, & aches, & pains in the same areas, i ended up with a massive heart attack, with 99 percent blockage.

    This i just 1 example. Doctors usually dont like to be told that they are wrong, & you might know more than they do. Remember they went to college, spent all those years, & money to become a doctor, then a smart person walks in his office, & tells them things that only you could know about your own health. I said smart(not intelligent), so what i am trying to say is doctors make mistakes, too!

    It takes a real doctor to admit, when they made a mistake, so it is a lot easier to write you off as unspecified phycosis, like myself!

    My doctor tried to put me on serocril, & never even bothered to give me a blood test. Right on the bottle it says the do's n dont's, especially if some of the dont's run in the catagory of "runs in the family"

    Please excuse my intelligence. I only have an IQ, of 70, but I am not stupid, nor am i crazy! Some of those proffessionals really need help themselves!

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