• Lloyd Brodersen Lloyd Brodersen
    October 22, 2010
    How can I help my son who believes the Rapture has occurred and disbelieves we are his real family?
    Lloyd Brodersen Lloyd Brodersen
    October 22, 2010

    I believe my son, Matt has an acute form of schizophrenia, dementia, paranoia and apocalyptic delusions. For three years now, he has believed that his real family (us) have been raptured up into Heaven with Jesus Christ and has adamantly, incessantly denied our true identities, believing that we are nothing but pseudo clones, frauds, "imposters playing the role" of his "real family."  He believes we are living in the middle of the seven year Tribulation era during the End Times.  He avoids surveillance cameras wherever he goes on account that he believes the Antichrist is watching him; and he refrains from entering buildings with either an ugly color or establishments that have electronic doors out of fear that it'll detect the mark of the beast.  We live in perpetual trepidation and terror each time he becomes detached and distorts reality.  Anytime we reflect and talk about the past, he concludes that we must've researched and/or obtained that information; implying that we never lived or shared our past experiences. Nothing we say every convinces or dissuades him from this erroneous belief. He refuses to seek help and disbelieves he is mentally ill. There is no logic, rational decision-making or common sense left; there's a cognitive breakdown as he talks desultorily and disrespectfully with profane, vehement, intractable, unpredictable behavior. He constantly accuses my other son, Jared and me of tampering with his belongings, of theft and molestation. He drinks beer heavily which usually fuels the fire of his "left behind" theory. He has destroyed many things such as windows, doors, walls, lamps, the computer, the keyboard and my two vehicles out of impulsive anger. He has had trouble with law enforcement and has been arrested for a D.U.I but claims he was never under the influence.  He believes a middle-eastern girl is playing the role of my daughter, Melodie, and that a cuban boy plays the role of my son, Jared, distorting and defiling their character.  


    Anytime we try and reason with my son, he becomes aloof and despondent, refusing to listen to our sound advice, acting dumbfounded about his mental condition, usually replying with "what help do you think I need?;" he'll deny and lie about what he has said or done (many times he'll forget his behavior the day after the damage and plead ignorance). He usually has an answer for everything and constantly compares everybody to somebody he dislikes. Whenever a problem arises, he looks too deeply into it and believes someone or something is against him, hindering his pursuit to happiness and/or independence. He has threatened neighbors as well as us, starts and provokes fights with me but refrains from throwing punches and has asked us to kill him on occassions. He causes dissension, arguments, strife and unmitagated discomfort, which disturbs my spirituality. He's always been an isolated, reclusive loner with no friends and has never had a girlfriend (which I believe is detrimental in itself).  He is 28 years of age. I believe he has a little bit of the disorganized and paranoid types of schizophrenia. No matter how many times we ask him to seek psychiatric, professional, spiritual help, he refuses and denies that he is insane. He doesn't believe he needs any mental help.  My other son even called the cops on him one night during an episode of domestic violence but all the cop said was that the call was "petty," that they didn't handle mental issues and that he didn't believe my son had schizophrenia. We tried to call a mental institute but they told us my son had to volunteer himself, and that there was nothing else anyone could do since he's over 18.  My other son once asked someone online if it's possible to help someone who doesn't believe they need help, but she replied with a simple "no, I don't think you can help a person like that."


    Which brings me to my question. Can I talk to a psychiatrist, tell him/her the story and have them prescribe medication to secretly give him without his noticing?  Or does my son have to be present for something like that?





  • Christina Bruni
    Health Guide
    October 24, 2010
    Christina Bruni
    Health Guide
    October 24, 2010

    read the 10th anniversary edition of I am Not Sick, I Don't Need Help by Xavier Amador, PhD who coaches family members on how to talk to loved ones to persuade them to get treatment.


    read my interviews Xavier Amador Part One and Xavier Amador Part Two about this topic.  Buy the Vida Press 2010 edition of the book.


    You cannot keep trying to convince your son he is sick.  The Amador book has helped tens of thousands of family members.  the lack of awareness that one has an illness is a symptom affecting a hemisphere of the brain and is called anosognosia and affects a great number of people with SZ.


    First of all violence is not acceptable.  A history of violence in the past indicates there could be future violence.  You are right to be concerned about your safety when the people have done nothing to insure your welfare.


    people with SZ who abuse drugs are more likely to be violent than the average person with SZ.


    He needs treatment.  You might think that by letting him live under your roof you're protecting him from something however this will be the rest of his life and the rest of your life: fighting and combating his delusions and paranoia.


    the time to act is now before his violence gets out of hand.  Like I said elsewhere here the commitment laws in the U.S. are a sham.  If your state has a law requiring forced hospitalization, like Kendra's Law in New York State and the Baker Act I believe in Florida then you could get him legally required to take medication.


    This has been going on too long.  The longer it goes on the worse the outcome.  I suggest immediate action.  Contact NAMI at (800) 950-NAMI to get the name and number of your local chapter that has a family support group where you can get feedback from people who have been down this road.  That's the National Alliance on Mental Illness.


    Like I said unfortunately violence or a crime occurs before a person with SZ get treatment and then too often that "treatment" is jail.


    I would look into foreced hospitalization for your son.





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