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Wednesday, March 31, 2010 pinkfloyd, Community Member, asks

Q: Phentermine and Risperdal

Has anyone ever taken Risperdal and Phentermine?  I heard you're only supposed to take Phentermine for 3 months.  Is there anything you should watch out for?

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Christina Bruni, Health Guide
4/ 1/10 8:59am

Hello pinkfloyd,

I understand the desire to take Phentermine to possibly curb the weight gain associated with the atypicals.


Personally I wouldn't take any diet pills and espcially not in combination with other drugs.  That's just how I feel. 


However I'm not in a position to speak as I take Geodon and everyone knows Geodon does not cause weight gain.


Community members: please respond to this question if you can speak to the Phentermine angle and even if you cannot I'd love to hear from you about this topic.  Feel free to pipe up if you have other ways to combat the weight gain.


I haven't taken Risperdal and I haven't taken Phentermine.  Before the Geodon I was on Stelazine and that didn't cause weight gain either.




pinkfloyd, Community Member
4/ 2/10 9:05pm

Thanks Christina, I wish I could take Geodon.  But it didn't control the paranoia for me.  I haven't gone to the doctor yet.  But I hope he'll prescribe Phentermine for me.

samantha, Community Member
9/26/10 9:27pm

Hello Everyone,my name is Samantha.I just started back on my meds after being off of them for 4yrs now.I had been on a waiting list for a year now,and very blessed to be able to have a opening to get back into the system.I was put on risperdal for racing thoughts,depakote for bi-polar,celaxa for depression,and trazadone to help me sleep.Now before i started back on my meds i had been seeing a doctor to manage my weight,which works really well for me,i have lost 15lbs in a month,and maintained it for 3 months now.At the time of me seeing the doctor i had not been on the weight management meds,so i diodnt bother telling the doctor.As i started back with my psych meds i have notice i been eating like crazy and wanting to sleep.If anyone can tell me about the combo of my meds or if you have taken them,and info would be helpful....i will mention it to my doctor,i know some doctor will just tell you to stop taking the weight pills all together,this doctor dont even want me taking prescribed pain meds,which at time i need bc i have DDD degenertive disc disease,which some day is harder then others,thanks for your time and be blessed.



samantha, Community Member
9/26/10 9:29pm

oh the weight management meds are phentermine 37.5 mg and hydrochlorot 25 mg

Lynn, Community Member
7/25/11 9:46pm



I'm Brandi I am taking risperdal and lamictal,for schitzophrenia. Today I went to my physician and he prescribed Phentermine and hopefully I don't regress and have an episode where I have to be admitted to the mental institution , but nevertheless I am going to start the(phentermine) medication tomorrow ... I am also on Glucaphage for my weight problem as well.

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