• bobnews bobnews
    April 28, 2008
    behavior? suspicious, not trusting, anger , thinks others are plotting against him,passive aggresive
    bobnews bobnews
    April 28, 2008


    I have a brother who displays symptoms of suspicious behavior, not trusting of others and is very passive aggressive. Has an explosive temper usually over the phone. Thinks there are motives behind everything people do. Has problems with his wife and she is telling us he needs help but he says she needs the help and not him. He does not pay his bills. He is now at retirement age and behavior continues to run his life. His outside personality is friendly and people who don't know him well think he is just a friendly guy. Those who know him well see the anger side.


    As a young boy, 7 through 14 he had nightmares and screamed out scaring everyone in the house. He holds a grudge forever. He is noticeably agitated almost all the time. He sees himself as the one who has to be in charge and gets very angry if he is not or can not control any given situation. Can you point me to some reading material that discusses these symptoms? Or have any advise? Thank you



  • Christina Bruni
    Health Guide
    April 29, 2008
    Christina Bruni
    Health Guide
    April 29, 2008

    Hello bobnews,


    Is your brother on medication for schizophrenia?  Has he been diagnosed?


    I believe he may need anger management classes.  if your sister-in-law perceives she is in immediate harm because of his behavior, something has to be done.  Your brother's behavior borders on abuse, maybe not intentional.


    If he does have schizophrenia, he needs to be on medication.  People who've gone for years without treatment often find treatment helps later in life. 


    I will research and see if I can find any reading material or books on the topic.





  • Coconut September 17, 2008
    September 17, 2008

    My fiance acts/reacts the same way, and I am unsure what to do. I am 7 months pregnant, and need to find out how to help him now. He blames all of our arguments on me. I am unsure if he has sz, but it sounded like you were describing my fiance. Can anyone help?

  • emmapeel July 23, 2008
    July 23, 2008

    bobnews i hope you will contact me.  he sounds sz -- exactly as my husband.  it is horrible.  please write to me at only1emmapeel at aol dot com

  • doggreenies March 16, 2010
    March 16, 2010
    I believe I behave out of distrust also. Family always wants my power of attorney. I'd rather hAve a gaurdian ad litum sign my checks. Or I would interview judges and find one who would look at my finances and be willing to get a tape measure and go to nordstroms for me. Or the gap. READ MORE
  • SchizoFinder? October 29, 2008
    October 29, 2008

    I would like to say something to help you but i am just learning about this stuff i would love if you could help me though my work needs to be handed in on Friday.! Yikes!!! Can any of you help me with all the sypmtoms? hopefully. have a great day..



    Yours Truly,


    Stephanie from St- Francis Xavier Catholic HighSchoolUndecided

  • doggreenies March 16, 2010
    March 16, 2010
    My answer is that I am also distrustful. But a gaurdian ad litum or carefully selected friendly judge who who could sign my checks. Would be a releif. She would have to take my measurements and consider my finances and go. For me to the gap or nordstroms READ MORE
  • Spooky March 15, 2010
    March 15, 2010

    I don't know but this aggressive border line personality disorder seems a bit like symptoms of substance abuse to me. Abuse of powder Cocaine is prevalent today and you'd be surprised the classes of people all the way up to the former President of USA who illegally abuse it. I'm not referring to crack cocaine but the common white powder that is snorted. It dates back as far as Christopher Columbus who introduced it to Europe in the 15th century. It is highly available and used by many as a recreational drug. Marijuana (specifically THC) also has been found to contribute to schizophrenia. 


    You'd have NO clue that he was doing it as coke or mj as it would be his closely held secret that he does with close but shady friends who get it for him. Common schizophrenia would be manifested to you in much more odd and bizarre behavior. This sounds more like cocaine addiction to me. Have him take a urinalysis at a drug clinic. If he refuses then that may be a clue.


    If it comes back positive do an intervention to make him seek help at a drug rehab clinic.

  • Tristan January 28, 2012
    January 28, 2012

    The fun just began 4 years ago with me. I am 27 now male. lifelong aspergers and stable but something happened at 23 in 2008 when i hit sudden deep depression, and systematically declined in behavior. Then I kept behaving even more antisocial as 2007 turned into 2008 right in the height of my entertainment and modeling career... but i became anhedonic. By 2009 I had gotten into a chronic oscillating pattern of requiring stimulants to think clearly. (and not laught to myself in public for no reason). Also unlike 2007-2008... by 2009 I began having waves of moderate paranoia. I toned down drug use. Its now 2012 and my paranoia and distrust and antisocial tendancy has progressed to a much more frequent rate of occurance, and more intense. And in 2010-2011 I had persistent mild weird thoughts I understood were delusions and couldnt shake them anyway but by now, i can kind of give doubt to my fears and paranoias in a good day but I am slamming hard into a level of delusion that, during its peak, I seriously believe and engage in my suspicion. then when a phase ends, it does so abruptly over an hour or two period, only to return in a couple days. So the fun has just begun for me. no diagnosis has been handed down, but lets be honest with outselves. how long will it be till i no longer have those clearings between paranoia where i can reanalyze my thoughts and realize its in my head? not long i belive. its getting more difficult. 

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