• sdg sdg
    March 15, 2009
    how do you tell the difference between an anxiety disorder and prodormal shizophrenia?
    sdg sdg
    March 15, 2009

    are depersonalization/derealization, the worry of becoming schizophrenic and constantly checking symptoms, signs of prodormal schizophrenia?




  • XAVIER May 10, 2009
    May 10, 2009

    Schizoprenia is basically a mood disorder which is also called as Bipolar disorder. A schizo is generally paranoid and doubts everyone around him. He perceive threats from everyone, including the loved ones. In your case it might be a panic anxiety or GAD with OCD, which means you are anxious about the symptoms existing due to your anxiety. The best thing is to ignore the symptoms at the outset and at a early stage as later it might be difficult to overcome. You must know that Nervousness + Symptoms of Nervousness = More Nervousness. Engage yourself in such a hectic activity where you do not find any time to spend time on your anxiety symptoms. That is the best way to overcome your anxiety. Please remember that it has nothing to do with Shizoprenia and the more you spend time on analysing the symptms, the more you will get traped into it as it is self feeding. Anxiety feeds anxiety, so get out of it by constantly engaging yourself in some activity wherein you do not have enough time to finish that activity itself, where you will find time for anxiety?




    Mangalore, India

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