• Taz Man November 30, 2009
    Taz Man
    November 30, 2009

    Dear fefe,


    There are three variations of Cogentin that I am personally aware of.


    Cogentin's generic name is called Benztropine, or Benztropine Mescylate.


    Cogentin is mostly a muscle relaxant. It's a bit of a downer too, in regards to its


    muscle relaxing affect.


    Congentin is usually prescribed along with certain Psychotrophic Medications to relieve


    their side-effects. Cogentin will relieve muscle rigidity, and will relieve oculo-gyrics,


    such as like when experiencing an oculo-gyric crisis which is like one's eyes rolling


    backward into one's head, sort of, not really in fact rolling back into one's head, but


    more like the eye muscles vobrating and pulling the eyes in the wrong direction other


    than focusing on what you want to look at.


    Cogentin may be prescribed in addition to many of the anti-psychosis medications


    which mostly all have that nasty side-effect of muscle rigidity and/or muscle spasms.


    The cogentin will allieviate these side-effects so that the anti-psychosis medicine can


    work effectively without the client suffering from those severe side-effects that often


    occur. If you experience any problems with Cogentin, there are other side-effect meds


    such as Artane, as well as others.


    If I have been of help to your understanding, then please remember me and my lady


    in your prayers, please? Just please say a kind prayer for M & M.





    • fefe
      December 01, 2009
      December 01, 2009

      thank you so much mister Jeffers i recently married a man who takes only cogentin but no other medicine to my knowledge he kept the cogentin a secret, down right lied about  taking any type of medicine disability says he is a schitzophrenia but he says he isn't, i have no experience with that disease so i am pretty much in the dark, his family is very secretive about him but yet they don't want him back so they are constantly telling him to listen to what i tell him, but he acts like they are the only one he trust, i have only been married for 3 month's and already at my wits end. is it me or do i have a real problem on my hands.

                                                            thanks, fefe

    • Taz Man
      December 01, 2009
      Taz Man
      December 01, 2009

      Dearest fefe,

      Don't think that way. You married because of love and attraction and marriage is a sacred bonding and committment. Don't go off now with regrets when there's no reason for regrets. Like I said, cogentin is a muscle relaxant mostly, it's a bentropine, like benzadrine, or a Benny. If your husband has a Psychiatric History at all but hasn't told you about it, it's probably only that he loves you so very dearly that he's afraid of a reaction just like you are beginning to have with your unnecessary fretting and your second thoughts due to your suspicions. Let's say that maybe he was indeed diagnosed with schizophrenia. Schizophrenics can be the most loving caring hard working family type people who just need a chance by others to allow them to overcome their problem, that's right, the other's problem who dosen't have schizophrenia. If he's acting strange lately its only his underlying fears of losing you, who are the love of his life, and his hope for happiness among a nation of bigoted stigmatizers that treat anyone with the slightest flaw as reprehensible, amid a nation of racists, and a nation of desiring to reduce the number of less desireable people in cleaning up the municipality, the city, the state, the country. Can't you see that the man loves you. Is this the problem you have with him, that he loves you but maybe, maybe, not sure, he possibly could have a mental flaw, an unusual way of being able to put two and two together. He has already sensed your suspiciousness because he's your husband and he knows you, and whatever the real issue is about his family's secretiveness and his need for cogentin, even if it be other than just used as a muscle relaxant, you must together deal with this now, because you're man and wife for G-d's sake, each others' mate in life, each others helper, and not each others despiser. Now that fact that whatever the matter is that he hasn't told you about, he will tell you. I'm sure he will, but know also, that psychotropic medicines can and are sometimes reduced and discontinued, and the use of the side-effect medication could be required in so doing, because in 9 out of 10 cases, the mental health client, I'm not saying he is one, but if he is, can function more happily and more effectively on the job unmedicated rather than medicated because most psychotropic medicines are almost always prescribed in much higher doses than are truly needed, and they are continued for lifetimes unnecessarily, and I'm not trying to persude you to understand the hipocrisies that we've all experienced and know, but fefe, Psychiatry is mostly a sham. Pschiatry and Psychology tell us that a person's personality is formed for a lifetime at the early age of 4 or 5 and that leapords can't change their spots and that you can't teach old dogs new tricks, while we all, each one of us know from experience that anyone can modify their own behavior and take each thought captive and analyse them in fine tuning our own thinking, and in changing our own behavior we need only figure out how we truly desire to be and then practice consciously being whom we desire to be until our practicing, or acting, becomes second nature to us or an integrated new personality that we have ourselves personally changed at our own whim. Anyone can take baby steps until they get their feet wet and then they're getting their drivers license, or know a new trade well enough to make money at it, or through experience, know what not to do, so you see the sentiments and teachings of Psychology and Psychiatry as constants are totally a bunch of BS. And you can see by my explanation of it how truly it is so. Behavior Modification does not ever require drug therapy as you can now understand by how I've explained things. If he was on psychotropic drugs or is on psychotropic medications, he must feel only that that's what he needs to be on right now, or else, that's what others of their various opinions feel he needs, you know, those prognosticators, opinionated people concurring with their colleges each and ever day in their attempt to straighten out the entire world, meaning all of society? Since Psychiatry and drug therapy, in this country alone; when major antipsychotic were first very widely introduced in treating the disorders of personality that they could talk a client into agreeing with them that he has, and that these Doctors can effectively treat, which was back in the early 1950s, well since then; we now have a totally sick and schizophrenic society with 60,000,000 diagnosed and medicated mental health clients, 25% of our population in prison at any one time, and 30% to 40% of our USA Population being of the elderly persuasion, or retiring Baby Boomers from the 50s. Now excluding those disabled by war and other diseases who cannot work, how many people make up our US Workforce today? Have you ever heard of extrapolation? You should find out about it.

      More and more banks are now closing and more and more businesses are now closing and credit is tightening up and credit is unconstitutional anyway but widely allowed, and just before the crash of 1929 the economy was being stimulated, while the unemployment rate was increasing which ended in many many people starving or jumping out of window in their guilt in not knowing anymore how to get the medicine the wife or the children needed, so, Mrs. fefe, be glad you got yourself a man. Be damn glad to high heaven you got a good one who loves you so very dearly that he's so extremely afraid of losing you. When he does tell you something, or tell you the something you really want to know, then smile and say now its over with and we're now even closer. Tell him that now you can trulty be his helpmate, and begin to understand how to be an even better helpmate, because now you know your husband even better. Your fretting and concerns are quite understandable but you know him already, and you should know also that very few, extremely fewer diagnosed mental health clients are ever criminals or ever violent, they take things inward too too much and are forever blaming themselves, hardly ever blaming anyone else.

      You'll be fine.


      Michael Steven Jeffers

      Olivette Missouri USA

      PS. Look at some of the articles to read on the website. Its the Alliance for the Mentally Ill.

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