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Sunday, January 11, 2009 Barbara, Community Member, asks

Q: when is the best time to take Abilify am or pm ,will it make me tired? What do you mean about manic

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Christina Bruni, Health Guide
1/12/09 5:16pm

Hi Barbara,


Sorry, I'm not on Abilify, however, I can suggest something:


if your pdoc believes the Abilify is sedating or will make you drowsy, ask her or him when you can take it so that you won't wind up drowsy in the morning or afternoon.


I'm on Geodon, an atypical, and the doctor raised the morning dose instead of the evening dose, because when I was on the Stelazine, my old drug, I took the Stelazine at night and that caused me to be fatigued in the morning.


So with the new drug, the Geodon, I take the higher dose in the morning and I'm not fatigued or drowsy in the morninig any more.


As to "what do you mean about manic?" I don't understand what you're getting at.  Please clarify.


Best regards,


Donna-1, Community Member
1/11/09 9:39pm

For me, the best time to take it was a.m. because if I took it at bedtime, I had a hard time falling asleep.  It also made me agitated, which was easier to handle in the daytime rather at night.  It never made me tired.  I'm not sure what you want to know about being manic.  And I don't know if Abilify can make you more likely to have mania.  It didn't affect me that way.


I hope you can tolerate it well and that it takes care of your symptoms.



Ashley Smith, Community Member
1/13/09 12:06pm

I used to take Abilify every morning, however, recently I just started taking it at night before I go to bed because the medication makes me a little stiff. I have no problems going to sleep by taking the medicine at night. I would recommend you try taking it in the morning, however, if it makes you stiff, like me, take it at night.

hughpuppies, Community Member
1/ 3/13 2:15am

When I was on Abilify I slpet for 4 days straight, not kidding either.  The second time I was  on it, it made me sleep for 3 straight days.


Geodon made me sleep for like 20 hours straight, if I woke up I was so tired and so out of it I didn't remember what I did and I go back to sleep, a deep sleep no one could wake m not even drums and beel right next to my ears.

hughpuppies, Community Member
1/ 3/13 2:19am

When I was on Abilify, the first time I took it it made me sleep for 4 straight days, not kidding, second time I took it I slept 3 straight days.  Soon as I took it like 45 minutes later couln't stay awake.


When I took Geodon it made me sleep a deep sleep that nothing could wake me, if I had happen to wake up I was so out of it I couldn't even rememmber what I did.


I would tell you to take it at night incase it makes you sleep and tired.

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By Barbara, Community Member— Last Modified: 01/03/13, First Published: 01/11/09