• simonanderson89 simonanderson89
    July 14, 2012
    My neighbour thinks im out to get him and i feel he is dangerous! Need helpful information!
    simonanderson89 simonanderson89
    July 14, 2012

    I have a paranoid phsycotic downstairs neighbour. For 2 years he has lead himself to believe that my only goal in life is to "force him out" his flat. In recent times his behaviour has got worse. He managed to get a hold of my ex girlfriends email address (god knows how) and started to contact me last year. in his emails he claimed i was following him around the house and would only go to bed when i knew i had done enough to keep him awake. After confronting him on this we agreed to exchange phone numbers so he could alert me of noise and i would stop. He never did this except from one time he text me saying "why are u banging on the floor?". There was no one in the house at this time.He has also told me in person i have a power tool i leave on to attack him. I have no power tool or anything similair. He also claimed i was making loads of noise a weekend i proved to him i was out of town. He persisted to complain over 300 times to police. The police ignored these complaints as they were unjust.He keeps a log of everything i do and i mean everything. Things like leaving from work, coming home from work. Moving from bedroom to livingroom etc. In one note he claimed i was smashing around in the bathroom from 10pm till 7am, this has never happend. More recently he plays loud music and bangs around his house when im in bed for about 10 mins at a time(something he claimed i do to him). He has stated that i am always watching him and i have to stay up all night to do so. I work over 60 hours a week and my girlfriend 50. The last thing we want to do is "watch" him when were at home.He was arrested recently for sending a threatening letter through my door claiming my girlfriend and i "are in danger" he said "we had backed him into a corner and his only choice was to attack" amongst other phsycotic nonsense. we immediatly contacted police and he was refferd to a phsiciatrist and charged. However he continues to bang on my floor/his roof, play loud music at stupid times in the morning. We contacted the police as he is now not allowed to see/contact us but they told us there is nothing they can do about it.We live in fear and i feel the only way it will end is when he finaly snaps and it go's to far. Over the 2 years i have confronted him and reasoned with him. This stops him for about a month then he will slowly start again.I need to know what i can do to help this the police cant help unless he does something criminal and everyone i ask seems to think im elaborating it and just says hes mad and to watch but thats something im am well aware of. I am moving in a month but hes getting worse and even if i am not doing anything he thinks that i am.How do i deal with this?????????



  • Christina Bruni
    Health Guide
    July 15, 2012
    Christina Bruni
    Health Guide
    July 15, 2012

    A relative of mine has a similar experience with an upstairs neighbor telling her she's moving furniture and banging furniture all night.


    This guy has forced you to move and I'm sorry to hear that.  He is a person who is quite sick and is not going to get better unless HE realizes he needs help and HE takes action to change his behavior.


    So, these things are not your responsibility.  I suggest you go about your business and try not to get physically close to this guy or to have one-on-one conversations with him.  If he knocks on your door and you know it's him you might not want to answer it.  If you go out the door and he's in front of your flat try to just walk past him.


    You have only a month.  Call on the police if the guy gets out of hand again.  Exaggerate that he's a threat if you must.  A person like him is probably a slick operator who can charm people.  So try to get the police on your side if he starts to veer towards violence.


    You don't know what else this guy is capable of so steer clear of him.  It will only get worse if he knows you're leaving.  It might inflame him becaus he won't have anyone to bully so he might be motivated to step up his attacks on you before you go.


    Like I said, keep your distance.  You did everything humanly possible to try to work things out with this guy in a reasonable manner and it failed.  At the first sign you feel your life or your possessions are in danger, call the cops.


    You're only 30 days away from freedom, yet I urge you to call the cops if his attacks escalate.




  • john July 22, 2012
    July 22, 2012

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