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Friday, August 20, 2010 RikGrn, Community Member, asks

Q: Can Zyprexa Cause agitation, other than that, it helps alot, what can be done to relieve the agitation without stopping the medicine?

I take Zyprexa, lamictal, propanalol, and Cymbalta. Also take a multivitamin, b-complex, and fishoil.
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Answers (2)
Christina Bruni, Health Guide
8/24/10 12:14am



there's a drug that is used to combat agitation I believe it has an I in the brand name your pharmacist should know about it.  Inderal possibly but Inderal is propranolol so ask your doctor why you were prescribed the generic of Inderal if indeed you are taking this drug. 


You spelled the drug propanalol which is different from propranolol so I don't know if it's the same drug.  It it is the generic of Inderal ask your psychiatrist if it's supposed to help with the agitation, Inderal helps with tremors.




Donna-1, Community Member
8/20/10 10:18pm

How long have you taken Zyprexa?  If you have taken it for many years (I think it came out in 1996) then it can cause "akathesia" or a restlessness and feeling of agitation.  That has happened to me.  I suppose it could cause this even if you just started taking it.


I take Klonopin as needed for restlessness caused by Zyprexa.  I usually take 0.25 to 0.5mg at night to help me calm down enough to fall asleep.  Also, many times, the side effects of a new med may wear off after a few weeks.  At first, Zyprexa made me extremely sleepy.  I mean I slept about 16 hrs a day.  Now, it no longer affects me that way and I am down to 8-9 hrs (and I'm taking 15mg.)


Hope I was able to help a little.

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