• Donna-1 November 21, 2009
    November 21, 2009

    Every person's response differs to medication and to suddenly stopping medication.  I suddenly stopped taking Abilify at one point because it gave me severe akisthesia (restlessness/agitation) but I told my psychiatrist and he started me right back on Zyprexa.  No problems.


    On the other hand, I have taken Zyprexa for most of the last 12 years.  But I have rarely taken it what you would call "regularly."  I take it for a while and when I feel better, I stop taking it for a while.  I know this is looked down upon, but it is simply what works for me.  And I don't stop taking it suddenly if I am taking any more than 10mg, or I do have agonizing withdrawal symptoms.  Like continual nausea and vomiting, hour after hour.  Plus severe mental confusion.  And depression.


    Usually I stay right on the edge.  Like taking 5mg of Zyprexa for 4 days, then off it for 4 days, then back on again.  I gained an enormous amount of weight when I first started taking it in 1997.  I have found only in the last year that this on-and-off keeps me stable enough mentally and I have lost 16 lbs so far.  But this is me, not you.  I cannot say this is the best course of action for myself or anyone else.  My high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and acid reflux all developed because of the extra weight.  And my self-esteem dimished.  I got counseling for it, single and group, and that just didn't help.


    I will toe the party line and say to stay on the medicine and do not stop it without first talking to your psychiatrist or prescribing doctor.  They are usually willing to work with you to deal with unwanted side effects, or to switch you to a different dose or even a different antipsychotic.  If your doctor doesn't listen to your concerns, it may be time to find another doctor.


    Best wishes to you,


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