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Monday, November 05, 2012 JustanINFJ, Community Member, asks

Q: Audio Delusions (Not Auditory Hallucinations) in Regards to Television and Radio

I've looked all over google and could not find an answer to my query so hopefully something will come out of posting here.


When I was about thirteen I would have these paranoid delusions that if the television was loud, to me, everyone in the area would also be able to hear it. I also felt this way about the radio blasting in the car, even with the windows closed. I would become embarrassed and beg whoever I was with to turn the radio/television down. I was so mortified that others would hear what my family or I was watching/listening to.


I no longer have this issue. I suppose I grew out of it if that's even possible. I'm Twenty and haven't experienced this delusion in over five years. Can someone else identify with this or make sense of it?

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Answers (2)
Christina Bruni, Health Guide
11/12/12 11:08am

Hello JustanINFJ,


Are you an INFJ?  I'm an INTJ, by the way.


Your experience doesn't seem unusual or abnormal from the little you told me about what happened.


If you merely thought everyone in the vicinity could hear a loud TV (NOT that you thought the TV was broadcasting your own thoughts through the commentary of the actors or news announcers), I would understand this.


My father, by the way, watches FOXNews 2 or 3 hours a day and he's deaf.  So the TV is so LOUD when he listens to it I'm certain people passing in the street could hear it.


I don't want to make light of your experience by telling you this.  I just want to assure you that "thought broadcasting" which is a symptom of schizophrenia requires that you believe somebody else is transmitting your own thoughts through their own words and actions.  That they have a telepathic ability to steal your thoughts and broadcast them to the world.


If you can make this distinction, hopefully it will put your mind at ease.


Because the truth is, the TV might have sounded loud to you wherever you were, when you were younger.


Using the word delusion to describe this is a kind of strong term for what might have been a passing hardship in your youth.


If you have no other early warning signs of schizophrenia, please be kind to yourself.


Even CNN blaring loud is no picnic.




Christina Bruni, Health Guide
11/12/12 11:10am

These are the schizophrenia early warning signs I wrote about years ago here.



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