Friday, April 18, 2014
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sandip538, Community Member


side effect of stopping aripiprazole

Hi, My brother is suffering from Schizophernia. I consulted a psychologist in my city. He told me that he needs hypnotherapy. Apart from it you should also start giving him ARIP MT 15 MG tablet (Aripiprazole). He told me that I cant prescribe it as I am psychologist. I went to my chemist and I bought it. I started giving 1 tablet per day to my... Read moreChevron

nusrg09, Community Member


Northwestern University Research Opportunities

Hi,I am looking for individuals with schizophrenia that would like to participate in studies that are being done at Northwestern University.These studies are being conducted by the Schizophrenia Research Group at the Northwestern Department of Psychiatry, which is located at the downtown Chicago campus.We are looking for individuals between the... Read moreChevron

Ryan, Community Member


helpin me with treatment

OK none of you know me, and i dont know any of you. i have tried asking for help and i have been judged and mocked. i have a mental illness. and yes it is hard everyday of my life. nobody understands it. nobody believes you. they all say its in you mind. but people just dont get it. i cant afford treatment for my illness. and nobody will help... Read moreChevron
Dr Chris Carter

Dr Chris Carter, Community Member


Gene and risk factor database

PolygenicPathways is a database of genes and environmental risk factors (bacteria, viruses and others) associated with Alzheimer's disease, Bipolar disorder or Schizophrenia. It may be useful to workers in the field.  

Daleri, Community Member

I have been working at the same job for twenty years

Everyone on this site is so nice.

You might think that it would not be that way. I know that this is not a full representation of everyone affected by sz but it is refreshing compared to what is out there on the web. It could be a consequence of what happens when people suffer. They tend to be more considerate or sensitive to other people who suffer.   Anyway, I do not... Read moreChevron

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