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Schizophrenia Treatment

Treatment for schizophrenia might include medications, various forms of therapy and lifestyle changes. Our guide will give you an idea of different treatment options.

  • The Value of Family Support
    Citing examples from cross-cultural studies, Dr. Insel discusses the benefits of empowering family members to support and assist in their loved one's treatment.
  • What are Your Hopes for the Future of Research?
    Dr. Insel expresses his hope for the development of “a whole new generation of treatments” using genetics, cell biology and imaging.
  • Drug Information
    Here you'll find information about the medications commonly prescribed for schizophrenia, including indications, directions for use, side effects and storage information.
  • Medications
    Find information about the common treatments for schizophrenia including indications, side effects, and a comprehensive chart comparing each of the drugs.
  • Optimism and Hope for Successful Treatment Outcomes
    Learn about a new collaborative approach to treatment focused on engendering hope, improving quality of life, and supporting personal empowerment.