Internet Dating: Just Say No

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  • I'm thinking about taking a chance and using an Internet dating service to meet Mr. Right.  It's been ages since I met a man I was romantically interested in. My girlfriends are all in serious relationships, most of the people I work with are married, and the men I've met out at clubs and bars always seem to end up acting sketchy. I know at least a dozen people who've met their husband/wife online. Should I give it a try or stick to the conventional ways of meeting guys?

    - Natasha Mantoyo


    Dear Natasha,

    I have found that men who are more thinking than feeling, who like to intellectualize their choice in mate, perfectionists, control freaks, and men who aren't successful at forming relationships in a normal and more natural way tend to like looking for women online. Internet dating allows them to put in their preferred criteria, and find "the perfect woman". I feel it dehumanizes people, and doesn't allow us to use our senses. Ever read Malcolm Gladwell's book, Blink? We think without thinking, and have a 6th sense which I feel is vital to dating, and which we lose in internet dating.

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    I suggest you try something new that you've always wanted to do, and find something that makes you truly happy. No man can make you happy.  You must make yourself happy.  Once you are happy, you will be at your most attractive!


    Take a look at "How To Meet New Men".


    Let me know how it goes!


    - Miss A

Published On: September 05, 2008