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    Dear Miss A,

    My husband and I have an exciting sex-life. Soon we will celebrate our five year anniversary by flying to Cancun for a vacation. My husband has been talking about a "mile-high" experience, which is one of his fantasys. I am not sure this is for me, but I know how important it is to him. I am very uncomfortable with this, and would like your advice.







    Down to Earth Debbie





    Dear Down to Earth Debbie,


    You husband is certainly not alone in wanting to join the Mile High Club. Many men and women share this fantasy. First, let me say that you should never let a man (even your husband) pressure you into doing something sexually that makes you uncomfortable. I'm not sure why you are uncomfortable with this, but I would think the main reason would be the risk of an international arrest. The time to join the Mile High Club was before 9/11 when things were much looser.

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    If you want to make your husband's dreams come true, you might surprise him with a service like Mile High Atlanta, which takes you up to over 5,280 feet above the Earth's surface so you have the opportunity to join the exclusive "Mile High Club" for only $379.00 per couple. Now you won't get the same adrenaline rush as you would get on a commercial aircraft with the risk of getting caught, but you also won't be arrested!


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Published On: November 29, 2008