Players Have Lost Their Game

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    Last week, Tara Bahrampour wrote an interesting article in The Washington Post on the affect of the economic crisis on dating behavior. It seems as if the so-called players have lost their game in the current economic crisis. These men have lost money in the stock market, lost their job, or lost equity in their home which they were leveraging in dating. Men aren't as likely to jet off to Vegas, South Beach, or NYC for a weekend of bachelor fun. They are being more selective of which women they bother to take out on a date, rather than wine and dine multiple women. Many players are no longer able to buy a VIP table at a nightclub, or buy rounds of expensive drinks for a woman and her friends.

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    It's not that I'm happy that we are going through this economic turmoil, but I am happy that it's creating an opportunity for men to realize that their own self worth has nothing to do with their net worth. They are worth more than their stock portfolio, sports car, and Armani suit. They will start wooing a woman by being thoughtful and witty, rather than cocky and flashy. They will take the time to cook a nice dinner at home for a date, rather than use an expensive restaurant to win a woman over. They will start thinking outside the box, and find inexpensive dates such as playing tennis, going on a picnic, or seeing a new exhibit at a museum. Men say that they don't like gold diggers, but their own self worth has been far too closely tied to their net worth for many decades. I think that over time, we'll see that this economic meltdown will be a great opportunity for us all to realize our true self worth and to develop deeper relationships.


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Published On: February 28, 2009