Getting Healthy in 2012 Can Improve Your Sex Life: Resolutions to Live By

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  • When we think about what we need to do to improve our sex life, we often focus on sexual activities. We need to spend more time with our partner, we need to flirt more, be more adventurous  or set aside time for sex each week. But sometimes our lack of sexual satisfaction isn't about our relationship or our busy lives. It is about health. Adopting healthy habits, common resolutions made and broken each year, not only help us feel better but can add fuel to a less-than-exciting sex life.


    Losing Weight


    Dropping the extra pounds you have been carrying around will almost certainly make you feel better. You will probably have more energy throughout your day and may even have a more positive outlook on life. All of these can help your sex life. But in addition to all of this, a study presented at the 2008 Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Urological Association showed that obesity is directly related to sexual dysfunction. According to the study, weight loss restored sexual function in men who lost a significant amount of weight. If simply being healthy isn't a good enough reason to lose weight, continuing a healthy sex life might be.

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    Quitting Smoking


    For those who smoke, how many New Year's have come and gone with a resolution to quit smoking? Studies have shown that smoking is a big risk factor for erectile dysfunction and, the more you smoke, the higher your risk. If you made a resolution to quit smoking, remembering the negative impact it has on your sex life may help give you the motivation to follow through.


    Lower Cholesterol


    Lowering your cholesterol improves your heart health. High cholesterol is the leading contributor to heart disease in both men and women. But high cholesterol may also be linked to prostrate health. According to Dr. Stephen J. Freeland, in a press release from the American Urological Association, "We don't understand exactly how cholesterol affects prostate health. But, we are finding that there is an important link. Thus, managing your cholesterol level may not only reduce the risk of heart disease but improve prostate health."


    Reduce Stress


    We all know that stress can impact a man's ability to get and maintain an erection. Most men have experienced this at some point in their lives and the occasional inability to perform because of the stress in your life isn't really a cause for worry. However, if the problem persists, it may be time to talk with your doctor about managing stress in your life.


    The majority of ED cases have a physical cause, frequently one of the medical conditions listed above. Getting fit, improving your diet, taking care of yourself all can have a positive impact on your sex life.




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Published On: January 02, 2012