25 Fun Summer Date Ideas

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  • Summer is in full swing and so is “dating season.” During the summer months, when people spend more time outdoors, the dating game moves into high gear. You don’t have to settle for taking your date to a bar, restaurant or the movies (although on a hot summer day, the air-conditioning of the movie theatre is a nice respite.) Summer time activities give you a whole new opportunity for creative, fun and romantic dates. Below are ideas, ranging from traditional to some you might not have thought about.


    Wash Cars – Take advantage of a sunny day to take both your cars to the car wash or set up the hose at your house and wash both of your cars, making sure to have fun squirting one another.

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    Yard Sales or flea markets – Saturday mornings are great for scouring yard sales or flea markets for interesting treasures. To make it more interesting, give a budget and each go off on your own to find the perfect gift for the other person.


    Water parks – There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than cooling off in the water and a water park gives you a chance to do just that while having fun trying the different slides.


    Drive in movie – Although there aren’t too many of these left, if you can find a drive in theatre in your area, this is a perfect date. Pack up some goodies and watch a movie outdoors.


    Hiking – Most people can find a hiking trail close to home, if not, take a walk in the park. Be sure to pack plenty of water, bug spray and a picnic lunch.


    Outdoor concerts – Whether your favorite band is coming to town and playing at an outside venue or you are checking out local, free concerts, sitting outdoors and listening to music is always a fun date.


    Amusement parks or local fairs – Ride the roller coaster, take a spin on the rides, enjoy the view from on top of the ferris wheel. Amusement parks offer activities for every person and if you don’t have one in your area or are short of cash, check out the local fairs.


    Picnics – Picnics are always a good option. Pack your favorite foods and ask your date to pack hers. Enjoy sharing what you enjoy and learning about the other person. Don’t forget about moonlight picnics where you can lay back and star gaze.


    Search for waterfalls – Check out your area for waterfalls and create a map. Spend the day checking out the different waterfalls and pack a bathing suit (or not) so you can wade in the water or take a swim. Bring a camera and frame the photos of the waterfalls to remember the day.


    Go to a baseball game – Any outdoor sporting event works fine. Major sporting events offer a fun time but check out the minor league games which are usually much more affordable and still a great time.


    Bike riding – As with hiking, find a bike trail or nice country road to bike ride together and again, don’t forget the picnic lunch.


    Spend a day at the zoo – Spend the day walking through the zoo, admiring the animals and sharing your thoughts.


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    Tubing – Check out the rivers in your area to find out if they offer tubing trips and spend the day floating down the river.


    Mystery trip – Plan out a mystery trip with several stops along the way.


    Restaurants with outdoor dining – Make a list of restaurants in your area that offer outdoor dining and enjoy the fresh air while eating great food.


    Move the television outside for your own drive-in theatre – If you don’t have a drive-in movie nearby, set up a blanket or some chairs, pop some popcorn and bring the television outdoors (you can use your laptop or tablet for a smaller, more intimate movie experience) to watch a movie under the stars.


    Outdoor festivals – Throughout the summer local festivals give you a taste of all different cultures. Check out local churches and communities for different types of festivals.


    Play tourists – What would you do if you were a tourist in your city or neighborhood. Pack up tourist gear, including camera and walking shoes, and visit the tourist attractions. Chances are there are plenty that you have never even taken the time to visit.


    Dog walk – If you don’t have a dog, borrow one, and head to the park to spend a day playing catch or enjoying a slow walk through the neighborhood.


    Kids play – Invite your date and a few friends to your back yard or the local park and be prepared with the games you played as a kid: Frisbee, waffle ball, hula-hoops, kites, volleyball and feel like a kid again for a few hours.


    Boating – Check out the local lakes or rivers and rent a boat – kayaks for two, a paddleboat, a canoe or a sailboat. Enjoy spending the day on the water.


    Farmers market to buy grilling supplies and have a backyard picnic – plan a barbeque but take the time to visit the farmers market together to buy the fresh ingredients.


    Sunsets – Take a ride beforehand and find some great places to sit and watch the sunset. There is nothing so romantic as sitting on a blanket and enjoying a spectacular sunset together.


    Go on a photo shoot – Armed with a camera, go on a photo shoot. Line up several locations: the park, waterfalls, fountains and pretend you are both super models on a photo shoot.. Afterward choose a favorite and buy a frame.


    Go to the beach – An old favorite, head to the beach, a lake or even a pool to spend a relaxing day together.


    I hope you have found a few ideas that you hadn’t thought about or have been reluctant to try. Take a chance and enjoy the summer months outdoors, getting to know one another.

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Published On: July 03, 2012