10 Valentine Day Date Ideas

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  • It’s Valentine’s Day - a day to show your sweetheart how much you care. You may only have a few days left but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it a special night. Maybe you have plans to go out to dinner, have bought some chocolate, flowers or a gift. Or maybe you are looking for something new, some creative way to show how glad you are that he or she came into your life. The following are 10 ideas to help get you started on making this Valentine’s Day special:


    Create a personalized puzzle. Find a picture of the two of you (you can customize it with a photo software with a loving message) and have it printed on heavy stock paper. Cut it into puzzle pieces.  Without letting your partner know what the puzzle is supposed to look like, work together to put it together.

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    Go on a hot air balloon ride. Check your area to find out the companies that offer hot air balloon rides (and yes, they are sometimes available in the colder weather too so don’t assume that just because you have cold winter temperatures that this is not an option.) Check with local companies to find out (here’s a link to Hot Air Balloon Companies) whether they are available on Valentine’s Day.


    Sign up for salsa lessons. Better yet, ask about a private dance lesson for just the two of you. Salsa dancing is sexy and fun.


    Hire a photographer to meet you where you had your first date. Have a professional portrait taken of the two of you in the spot where your relationship began.


    Create an at-home spa. Be prepared with aromatherapy candles, different scented lotions, soft music. Take turns giving each other a complete spa treatment.


    Create a treasure hunt throughout your house. Leave small tokens and hints on where to go next. At the end you can have a surprise waiting, or you can be the prize.


    Decorate your house or apartment to look like Paris, Rome, Venice or some other city you would like to visit (or have visited together.) Cook themed food to go with your decorations and have a night away, right in your own home.


    If you live in a warm weather climate, spending time outdoors, by a lake, the ocean or on a mountaintop star-gazing is always a good idea. Bring along a bottle of wine, foil-wrapped dinners or the makings for s’mores.


    Head to the mall together – with $10.00 each. Your mission is to search the mall for something the other person will love, for less than $10.00. Meet back up in an hour, have a quiet dinner together and exchange “gifts.”


    Play “bedroom games” like strip poker, truth or dare, writing a secret desire list or create your own intimate game. Have fun enjoying each other’s company and body.  

Published On: February 12, 2013