Live Bold, Live Now: Enter the Fighting the Stigma of Health Conditions Contest to Win $500

Eileen Bailey Health Guide
  • No matter what medical condition you may have, chances are you fight some type of stigma. People might see you as incapable or avoid you because they don't want to "catch" your disease. Despite this, chances are, you still live your life to its fullest. You can and are doing it! 


    Tell us about your experience. Let us know how you thrive, persevere or simply get through the day. HealthCentral is having a Live Bold, Live Now contest. First place is $500, second place is $250 and third place is $100. Here's how it works:


    Take a picture of yourself doing something that signifies your strength in overcoming your medical condition. 

    Add This Infographic to Your Website or Blog With This Code:


    Write a short (250 word) description


    Submit it to the Live Bold, Live Now contest page


    Between July 15 and Aug 8, get as many people as you can to vote for you. Don't forget to look through the entries and vote for your favorites. 


    That's it. 


    You can check out the entries that have already been submitted by visiting the contest page and clicking on "View Entries"




Published On: June 20, 2014