Talking to Your Doctor

Eileen Bailey Health Guide

    Sex is a private and intimate act between two people and it is often hard to discuss your needs with your partner. So when you need to discuss sexual problems with your doctor, it can be even more difficult. But sometimes it is necessary. Below are five tips to help you feel more comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.


    Be sure your doctor is someone you feel comfortable with. For some women, a female doctor is a necessity. They may feel embarrassed by having such an intimate examination done by a male doctor. There is no right or wrong, but what makes you feel most comfortable. If you do not already have a doctor, take some time to talk to friends and find out who their doctor is and how they feel.

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    Research your concerns. With the internet, you have an immense source of information at your fingertips. Although it is important to be careful about what information you read, making sure the websites you visit are reliable and accurate, you can gather information about the symptoms you are having. You may be able to find stories from other women experiencing similar symptoms. You can print out information you have found to give you a starting point for discussion.


    Talk to friends. Although it can also be hard to discuss your sexual problems with friends, you may be able to share concerns and gain information about questions you have.


    Plan the questions you want to ask before you go. If you are nervous, you may forget what you want to say. If the doctor is rushed, you may only ask one or two questions, pushing aside other concerns. Taking the time to write down your questions and concerns can help keep you focused and make sure you have all your questions answered.


    Discuss confidentiality with your doctor. Physicians are supposed to keep conversations with their patients private, but they are people. Let your doctor know you want your conversation to remain private and confidential.


    Discussing concerns with your doctor, although difficult, is always better than remaining silent and living in pain, whether physical or emotional.


Published On: August 26, 2008