Lost In Time

David Wygant Health Guide

    Have you ever met someone whom, when you're with them, time just seems to disappear?  You are talking to them for what feels like five minutes and all of a sudden you realize it's actually been five hours. 


    Do you ever get lost in somebody so much that you feed off of each other's energy?  Then as you're feeding off each other's energy, you just want to learn more and more about that person.


    You not only want to know what they're all about, you want to know everything about them.  You want to know what they were like as a kid, what they're afraid of, what they feel, what their favorite things are, their favorite foods, their favorite bands and their favorite vacation spots.  Every time you learn something about them, you want to learn more. 

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    You want to know what they like to do, because the more you talk to them the more you get lost in this incredible world you're in when you're talking to them.  Have you every met somebody with whom you can sit across a table at a restaurant for three hours without even one moment of silence? 


    I'm not really even talking, though, about moments of silence.  I'm talking about how you feed off each other's energy.  It's the way you laugh, the way you smile and the way you talk.  It's how every time one of you tells a story that the other will have a story having to do with the same subject, and you find you connect in so many different ways. 


    Every time you get to learn more about them, their energy keeps going into you.  You feel more of their energy, get to know more of their energy and you crave more of their energy.  You start to crave that connection you have with them. 


    You just get lost in time, and time doesn't matter.  You could be absolutely exhausted at the end of a long day when you speak with them, then all of a sudden a five minute conversation turns into a three hour conversation because you feed off of each other's energy.  It's like a high.  You get this incredible feeling when you talk to that person. 


    You get lost in time.  Really, what is "lost in time?"  Lost in time is just amazing chemistry with somebody.  The reason we all spend so much time hoping and desiring to find someone is so we can have the feeling of being "lost in time." 


    There's nothing better than feeling lost in time with somebody, because time doesn't really matter.  If you think about it, there's no such thing as time.  What matters is the feelings and emotions you experience in every given situation.


    So the next time you meet somebody and you get lost in a little world with them, enjoy it!  That is what magic is all about . . . connecting with another person, feeding off of everything they say and wanting to learn every little thing about them.  This is what you experience when you get lost in time with someone.


    You know what else is magical about getting lost in time?  It's the moment you realize something magical is happening.  You know it.  You can feel it.  Your gut and your intuition tell you.  Then you savor every moment.


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    It's like every phone conversation is just amazing.  Every time you hang out, it's amazing.  The feeling of getting to know somebody with whom you truly connect and share intense chemistry is incredible. 


    I know personally that I savor every moment, because when you meet somebody with whom you get lost in time when you hang with them then you know something special and magical is happening.  You need to really just embrace it and realize these "lost in time" moments are something that will put a smile on your face for a long time. 


    My brother and his wife are a great example of this.  If you would ask my brother what the most magical feeling was when he met his wife, he would say it was the first year they spent together because that's when they built the foundation for a lifetime of love.  He remembers every conversation, the first cuddle and every kiss, because being able to experience magic with somebody is a gift. 


    That magic is something that all of us are craving, and that we all desire. The problem some of us have is that we are scared to death of it.  We're scared to death of letting go, so we can actually have this. 


    The amazing thing about getting lost in time with someone is knowing they're on the same page with you.  It takes two strong people to let down all the walls and enjoy the moment. 


    There is nothing more powerful than getting lost in time.  I know, because I'm experiencing it and I'm enjoying every second of whatever we call time. 

Published On: October 21, 2008