A little introduction and The Sexual Health Connection Question of the Week!

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  • Hi there!


    Just wanted to introduce myself.  I have been writing here on SexualHealthConnection for a couple of months or so and I recently have been given the honor of becoming the Community Leader for this site.


    I am thrilled to be a part of this site as I feel that sexual health is a topic which affects most everyone.  It is also a topic which a lot of folks might shy away from but I would like to encourage you to feel free to become a part of the discussions here.  You can ask or answer questions.  You can also create shareposts so that you can share your stories with others.  You just might help someone else or learn something new in the process.

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    Some of the topics that you are going to see contributors writing more about in the coming months will be about fertility, pregnancy, and women's sexual health issues.  I have had some years of experience with dealing with infertility and will be writing more in depth about those experiences and the choices that women have nowadays with regard to treatments for infertility. These topics are not just women's issues and affect men as well in supporting their loved ones through these times. 


    In the spirit of creating more of a community feel to this site, I will be asking a question of the week to hopefully spur some lively discussion.  I will also be encouraging members to write a shareposts on certain themes. 


    To kick off this week I will pose the following question to our members and readers at SexualHealthConnection:


    What do you wish your parents had told you about sex that they never told you?


    And if you would like to write a sharepost I would love to hear your personal stories about how your parents went about having "the sex talk" with you. 


    Was it awkward?  Was it humorous?  Or did it never take place at all?  I am very curious to see how this has evolved for different generations. 


    Thank you for being a member of SexualHealthConnection!  If you have any questions about the site don't hesitate to ask.  Your thoughts, suggestions, and input is of great value to us.




Published On: April 22, 2009