Women and Sexual Dysfunction and Aging

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  • If you take a peek at my blog on the Erectile Dysfunction connection today - you'll see that I talk about a study that looked at sexual dysfunction and how it occurs due to aging......NOT!! it's actually issues and situations that occur because we live long enough - not the actual aging process itself - that may cause sexual dysfunction problems.


    So let's look at this study from the NIH (National Institute of health) and what it found from a female perspective:


    If you live long enough and do have an experience with an STD, then you are 4 times more likely to complain of sexual pain and 3 times more likely to have lubrication problems as you move through your decades of life; women may be more likely (when compared to men) to develop sexual dysfunction problems directly related to health issues as they get older; as women get older they are at risk for urinary tract syndrome, which in turn is associated with decreased interest in sex - as were women's mental health issues, especially anxiety.

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    When it came to demographics, Hispanic women, especially older women,  were more likely to complain of pain during sexual intercourse.  It could be that they are not talking about it or assume as they get older it's just a natural part of aging or there could be another explanation.


    If you take a look at the ED blog today - you'll see men grappling with different issues that ultimately cause sexual dysfunction but it all boils down substantially to communication and the desire to let each other know the issues that seem to be complicating your intamacy and sexual happiness.  If you don't talk about it - the issues causing the problems won't go away - but sex may very well go away!!

Published On: August 13, 2008