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  • There's a new hormone spray in clinical trials right now that may boost sexual satisfaction in some women.  For pre-menopausal women who lack interest in sex, a daily spritz of this hormone spray containing testosterone helped to improve sexual satisfaction.  More clinical trials are planned.


    I received a rather "hysterical e-mail" calling out to women to stop using traditional sanitary pads and tampons which may contain asbestos, dioxin/a kind of bleach, rayon - all of which may - according to this e-mail put us at risk for certain cancers, toxic shock syndrome (higher risk), cause us to bleed more (so I suppose we'll need more and buy more of these products) and other health issues.  The e-mail suggests that we - change pads/tampons every 3 hours (aren't you doing this already??? It is the smart thing to do for a number of reasons) and it also suggests that we should switch to Organic Essentials tampons or Terra Femme products.  The e-mail originated from a woman currently getting her PhD and my feeling is that I need to see studies to confirm the information offered.  I plan on following up on these claims - till then - every one should frequently change pads/tampons in general in order to reduce the risk of TSS and other infections.

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    If you're on birth control pills you may actually need to up your intake of vitamin B6.  Birth control pills may somehow be causing reduced levels of this important vitamin.  So if you're using birth control pills, make sure to target B6 rich foods like chick peas (garbanzo beans), fortified cereals, and bananas or take a supplement like a pre-natal vitamin, which tends to offer more B6 than standard supplements.





Published On: August 30, 2008