Sarah Palin: I Oppose Abortion in All Cases, Including Rape and Incest

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  • Like her running mate John McCain, Sarah Palin is a staunch opponent of a woman's right to choose. I, for one, applaud her right to make personal decisions for herself, but I would never want to be told by the federal government what I can or cannot do with my own body. Palin has been clear throughout her career that abortion is "absolutely unacceptable" in every context, even if the conception was due to rape or incest.


    It's disappointing for me personally, and for others I know, that she has such strong, conservative and anti-woman positions on the issues that many of us are so concerned with during this election cycle.

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    Ms. Palin opposes the use of birth control, as well sexual health education classes for teens. She is firmly for abstinence being the only form of sexual education taught in schools. This is a huge problem for me, the mother of two teens. I don't feel the need to point at her own daughter as an example of what "teens in love will do and the consequences of those actions without birth control" - we have enough examples of those to have the discussion without getting personal with the Governor's family. It's just so painfully obvious that if the abstinence discussion only is her position for school sex ed- and it was a position highlighted repeatedly in her own home - it wasn't very successful. I'm not pointing a finger - merely recognizing that teens are complicated individuals who need a lot of support - education - and more education. The abstinence discussion will not halt the tide of unwanted pregnancies - it's just not enough. and the lack of choice and knowledge of contraception - can wreck lives - of teens and children birthed. It has to be a choice offered along with a host of other contraception choices to teens and young adults.


    Her pregnant 17 year old daughter is becoming the face of our failed abstinence only policies. These radical positions don't not work for me. I am pro-choice. I know teens make mistakes; I know even with birth control "accidents happen;" I know the world is filled with terrible people who do terrible things to innocent victims with the result being unimaginable pain and an unwanted pregnancy. I WANT CHOICES AND I WANT FUTURE GENERATIONS TO HAVE CHOICES. To me choices allow both position - keeping the baby, if that is your position, or having the option to have an abortion if that is the right choice for you.


    I applaud Ms. Palin for having strong, personal convictions. However, her rigid, anti-woman politics are just not a "good fit" for me. And though we are voting for a President - who, in this case, is also vehemently anti-choice - the positions and policies of the VP are important. There is always the possibility that the VP will take over.


    Will the candidate's policies on women's health and civil rights - abortion - sex education - contraception affect who you vote for? Tell us what do you think????


Published On: September 02, 2008