Financial Crisis Causes "Kid Delays"

Amy Hendel Health Guide
  • You wait to meet Mr. Right and begin to plan your life's events: First we'll get married Then we'll save to buy a house Then we'll start to save for baby Then we'll start trying to have baby For many couples this is the outline or script that gets planned. Recently, the financial recession has thrown couples a curve ball and women, who have waited till their late 30's to start a family, are now being forced to re-think the script and wait even longer. Postponing starting or growing a family is one of the toughest decisions that is being forced on couples. With economists and experts predicting that this recession could become as serious as the Great Depression, birth rates could plummet dramatically. Doctors do believe that they will see a drop in obstetric visits as people delay having their first child or more children. Of course, there are those who will say - "don't let lack of funds stop you from having a baby." And that reasoning certainly has merit if you are trying to save enough money to cover your desire to give your child a private education or camp in the summer or their own room in a new house. But the difficulties people are facing these days encompass difficulty paying mortgages, putting food on the table, keeping gas in their car, affording basic healthcare. So it does make sense that faced with those real concerns - people have begun to re-think their next move - especially if it involved bringing another life into the world with all the basic costs that come with that decision. Interestingly enough, though births are typically expected to fall in a recession, sometimes a counter theory and reality may prevail. Women who lose their jobs may decide that it's a great time to start and raise a family because their "hand has been forced" in a sense. Time will tell what impact these challenging financial times is ultimately having on birth rates. In the meantime, many couples will grapple with a very personal and tough decision.
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Published On: December 10, 2008