Saturday, February 28, 2015

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Lene  Andersen

Lene Andersen, Health Guide

Writer, Advocate, Photographer

The Month Ahead: Taking Care of Yourself with RA

We are having yet another “interesting” winter. In my neck of the woods (Toronto, Canada), it has been 37 days since the temperatures were above freezing. That’s a really long time of being cold without a break. Much of the rest of North America has also been seeing some extremely wintry weather, Boston being one of the... Read moreChevron

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My Bariatric Life

My Bariatric Life, Health Guide

I grew from fit to fat and became a processed food junkie and couch potato with diabetes, celiac disease, depression, acid reflux, asthma, and hypertension. I was in my 30s, morbidly obese and on ~10 prescription medications. Since 2003 I've maintained massive weight loss from gastric bypass surgery and remain free from 9 of the 10 prescriptions. Then in 2013 I underwent body contouring and facial plastic surgeries to remove the last traces of my former obesity. Nowadays I am committed to supporting the online patient community with outstanding resources and by sharing my long-term success in defeating obesity and obesity-related illnesses. Today, I'm a size small (down from a size 24W) and living larger than ever!

Eating Certain Foods Can Be a Trigger for Hunger

Foods That Make Us More Hungry

If you are trying to lose weight you probably will do at least some research and come up with a list of things you need to do, and a list of things you shouldn't do. Even if trying to maintain an already healthy... Read moreChevron

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Jay Motola

Jay Motola, Health Pro


Does physical activity decrease the symptoms associated with prostate enlargement?

A recent study from the Stritch School of Medicine has suggested that patients who have symptoms related to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), such as nocturia (waking up at night to urinate), may benefit from physical activity.   These researchers identified that  men with BPH who were active one or more hours/week were 13% less... Read moreChevron

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Karen Lee Richards

Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide

Co-Founder of the National Fibromyalgia Assn.

How Exercise Improves Pain Tolerance

Although study after study has shown that exercise helps reduce fibromyalgia pain, we've had little understanding of why until now. Scientists have long known that during prolonged strenuous workouts, our bodies release endorphins, a kind of natural opiate that reduces pain and enables us to continue exercising. But they haven't known why (or... Read moreChevron