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Thursday, September 18, 2008 Cole, Community Member, asks

Q: Can you get pregnant once semen is dry?

A few weeks ago my boyfriend masturbated and ejaculated on my stomach. We did not have intercourse and he did not touch my vagina (I was on my period). I was wearing pants so I know none of the semen came into contact with my vagina. Later that day when I was about to take a shower I touched my vagina without washing my hands. Is there any way sperm could have survived on my fingers even after the semen had been dry for at least an hour, and gotten me pregnant? I'm very worried. I'm only 16 and cannot afford to have an accidental pregnancy.

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9/21/08 2:32am

Hi Cole,


Once semen dries, the sperm are dead.  You might want to check out this article on birth control methods to help you start to think about which method is the most appropriate for you.  One advantage to the Pill and methods like it (Nuvaring) is the extremely low chance of pregnancy.  It would be great if you could talk to one of your parents or another adult that you trust about using birth control effectively.




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meme, Community Member
8/ 4/09 4:38am

a few weeks ago my boyfreind and i had sex but it was without a rubber but when he got ready to bust he pulled out...then like a week after that i started my period and stayed on for 4 days but i mean it was like a regular period no spots nothin just full of blood... but i mean im eatin more and plus im gettin a lil pudge in my stomach...but i also have been peein' a lil more...then after that we been usin condoms so can  be pregnant?

Jesamine, Community Member
1/ 5/10 6:01pm

ThankYou. I'm Only Sixteen Too and I Was Very Worried This Is Exactly What I Was Looking For Thank You So Much!!!!!!!

victoria, Community Member
1/31/13 5:16pm

me and my boyfriend were having unprotected sex and i asked if he came in me and he said he didnt next day i was feeling my vagina just to check. and theres dried up seman. i dont know if it was from me or my boyfriend but im kind of worried because im only 16!!!


DESPERATE, Community Member
1/13/10 11:50pm

Two days ago things got really heated between my girlfriend and I.

I fingered her once and after that I touched my penis which was wet with pre-ejaculate.

we then just sat arond and talked for about 10 minutes. after that I fingered her again only to remember that I had just touched my own pre-ejaculate with the same finger. 

I am freaking out right now that there's a chance(even a small chance) that ive gotten her pregnant.

can air-dried pre-ejaculate get a girl pregnant? also I did not finger her very deep.


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