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    December 09, 2008
    blood in semen
    stubby--69 stubby--69
    December 09, 2008

    i'm 29 year old male, i get blood in my semen sometimes before i even ejaculate i have blood coming out of my penis. then when i do finish i have blood in my semen. i have went in for this a few years ago they did a prostate exam (every man's fav) then told me it was normal and would go away. which it did but usually seems to come back 1 or 2 a year. last for 2 weeks to 1 month then dissapears again. also after i ejaculate when i try to pee after sex/masturbation i first have to pee out like a clot of blood or rement of semen it's a thick clot like thing anyway then my pee clears up and everything is back to normal again. also it seems like if i get more excited for sex/masterbation it seems to be heavier in blood. although it does seem like the blood is more comin in my semen from masturbation than from sex. i just need some clarifaction as to if this is normal or if i should go back in again. also if there is something i can do to prevent this. I don't want to freak out the wife by my semen being bloody!!



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